I think I just upended a bottle of really expensive honey on my head. I’ve had this bottle of honey for a year- it was a gift- but the smell is just so strong, it’s always overpowered the other ingredients when used. So waste not, want not I thought and I decided to give my first home made hair mask a go. Unfortunately right after I had mixed it all up with olive oil- with my fingers- it dawned on me that the pungent smell was that of prime honey (as opposed to the cheap run-of-the-mill kind). Oh dear! At least my hair is feeling really soft now 🙂


You only need 2 things for this ridiculously easy DIY: honey + olive oil


Yes I’m a kleptomaniac- well my Mom is actually- those teeny olive oil bottles came from the plane 😛

All you need to do is mix up the oil + honey, warm it up (microwave?) and then apply it all over your hair- roots to ends. Leave it in for 20 minutes, then wash off.


It drips a bit after applying – I personally tried & tested this as I do with all beauty DIYs before recommending them!- so wrap your hair up in a towel or in a shower cap. I went with the shower cap as it’s not laundry day and the thought of the towel lying around with all that food in it grossed me out (yes I have OCD). Then it’s bath time as usual.

Note: Some people recommend doing the mask after you shampoo but I personally prefer to apply the mask then wash- don’t want the food getting all over my pillow if I don’t rinse thoroughly enough!



My hair was sooo soft after using this. It felt like it had been conditioned after shampooing the mask off (when I hadn’t conditioned) The only downside is that the hair felt a bit heavier than usual. I’d probably use this mask once a week at most to avoid weighing down the hair and shampoo 2x in future 🙂

But this is a beauty from the pantry DIY that I definitely recommend! 🙂

Written by Zen