Better hair or better skin- that’s the choice you have to make when you use this product.



On the L’Occitane site, it says that 97% of participants noticed enhanced and shinier hair over 4 weeks. Usually I’m pretty skeptical – whilst simultaneously holding hope that they may be true!- about such claims. Note, for example, the small sample size of the study: fewer than 50 participants!  In this case, the only thing untrue is the time frame. Right from the first use- just 1 pump is needed for shoulder length hair (2 makes it too heavy)- my crowning glory immediately felt softer and more lustrous. Apparently it contains 5 essential oils, including sweet almond oil, which could explain why it’s so effective.  After moving to the UK, the hard water has made my  once soft locks dry and hay-like. Urgh. So this oil was a very welcome relief!


That’s how much 1 pump looks like- the oil is pretty lightweight- see how easily it is spreading! Once applied onto the hair, it didn’t leave any oily residue on my hand and I didn’t feel the need to wash my hands, unlike with other heavier hair oils

Unfortunately, it’s not so great for my skin. After using it a couple of times, 1 or 2 zits started forming where my hair brushes my skin- you could say it’s just my own problem skin but 1 was on my neck and I never get zits there! The upshot is that as that the pimples form on less obvious areas- so not right smack on my forehead or nose- but it always  sucks to see a zit form! Initially I had assumed that the oil was non-comodogenic (non skin clogging in layman’s terms) but after checking the label and site, I didn’t see any reference to this- maybe that’s why I’m getting zits…?


On the up side? I love the smell of the oil! It’s sweet but non-generically scented 🙂
Would I use this product? It’s not perfect but then few products are! On the plus side, it at least delivers what it says it would, unlike many others! I still use the bottle I bought, but irregularly because of the zits. If I can’t find a better hair oil, I would probably repurchase it- because it’s just so effective- but would only use it on days when I tie my hair up.


Have you tried this hair oil before? Let me know what you think of it! 🙂


Written by Zen

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