I once made the mistake of washing my face with olive oil. Zits are not a good look for anyone! Apparently, not all oils are created equal as a week of olive oil cleansing later, my skin took a turn for the worse. So back I went to my usual Shu Umuera cleansing oil- which I really like but find too pricey.


Post-graduation, in an attempt to re-budget my lifestyle, I took another look at DIY cleansing oils. Apparently, olive oil is only good for the hair! It’s a big no-no for the face as it’s not non-comodogenic, but other oils such as jojoba oil work well. Amber from eSparkle PR had kindly gotten in touch asking me to review some Australian jojoba oil on hapinesswherever.com so I took that as a sign to give DIY cleansers another go 🙂


Straight after applying


I used the jojoba oil for a week. In comparison to the Shu Umuera, it feels much thicker and, of course, smells much more natural (i.e no sweet/ floral aromas! but the smell is not unpleasant). I tried some on my hand and it was absorbed REALLY well but that’s a post for another day- today is about cleansing not moisturising. After wetting my face, I rubbed (gently) the jojoba oil over my skin – there will be a very thick oily feeling but use a wet flannel to wipe the oil off and your skin is left feeling un-oily, super clean and not at all dry!  Best of all, it removed all my make-up! 🙂


After the 1 week experiment, I think I’ll be adding jojoba oil permanently to my make-up cupboard. It’s a great & inexpensive way to cleanse ageing -sigh – skin! I highly recommend giving it a go. There are a couple of other oils which are popular as cleansers too, such as hemp, but I’ve yet to try those 🙂

Written by Zen