For my Mom’s 55th birthday, I booked an art clay course and we both made silver rings. It was good fun so I was really excited when Metal Clay decided to send me an Art Clay set for my blog. The best thing about art clay is that you can shape it into anything you want, so no more being dependent on what you find in a bead shop or soldering!


Some highlights about Art Clay

  • You work with clay but it turns into 99.9% silver after firing
  • Can be combined with glass, porcelain, ceramic and sterling silver findings

Isn’t it cool?! It’s really easy to use as well and Metal Clay sends the most detailed instructions for first-timers. The 7g kit that Metal Clay sent me is really comprehensive- it even has 2 brushes and earring backs! It has a specific suggestion on what to make – you can see it in the brochure below- but i’ve always liked doing my own thing 🙂

It cost £32.46 which I think is really reasonable because there’s enough silver in it to make a solid silver ring 🙂


There were quite a few things I wanted to make with it but unfortunately I had overestimated what 7g of clay would be LOL. Some of my original thoughts were:

  • a Balenciaga ring

  • or a Tom Binns necklace


But it was back to the drawing board for me! I really  wanted to do a statement piece- as that’s my preferred jewellery style – and had to think hard. After a day or so, I decided to use the silver to make a huge stud as I’ve only seen small ones in bead shops and to make it into an asymmetrical  pair of statement stud earrings.


I’m dividing this tutorial into 2 different posts as short and sweet is best 🙂 In this one, I’ll show you what I made after firing the piece- no tools needed!- and in a latter one, I’ll show you the process of working with the clay 🙂


What you need:

  • the stud made from Art Clay
  • pair of stud backs
  • 1 black AB bead
  • 2 smaller pearl beads
  • glue



Step 1

Apply a dash of glue to the stud back and glue the stud down. To the other side, glue a small pearl bead



Step 2

After the stud has dried, glue a black AB bead to it. Leave to dry – I’d say 30 min is good – then glue the small pearl bead to the black AB bead.



Now you have a funky pair of earrings to dress up your jeans 🙂



Written by Zen