I love quotes. If you follow me on instagram – which you should 😛 Sorry becoming a blogger has made me quite shameless about self-promotion (instagram.com/hapinesswherever)- you may have noticed that every other picture is accompanied by my take on a famous quote. So what could be more appropriate than these Tom Binns Quotation Mark Stud Earrings DIY? And made out of recycled packaging foam no less!



What you need:

  1. White rubber foam – I got these from the packaging of a memory stick I bought.
  2. Gold sharpie (my new favourite toy)
  3. Earring stud backs
  4. Glue (trying a new one today)
  5. Oh and scissors of course!



Step 1

Cut out 2 quotation marks from the rubber foam- if you’re not sure of your cutting skills, draw the quotation marks with a pen first. The sharpie will cover the pen marks so no worries there.


Step 2

Colour the quotation marks all over with the gold sharpie and leave to dry for 3 minutes



Step 3

Apply some glue at the back, press the stud firmly down and dry for a day.



Beautiful fabric- a gift from Hillary’s (Blinds) at their #hillarysCrafternoon

Step 4

Go out and have some fun with your new earrings, which cost $1 to make instead of $88 to buy!

Don’t they look almost identical? If you want a shinier finish like the original, spray paint it instead of using a Sharpie!

Written by Zen

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