Reading other DIY blogs is one of my favourite ways to spend a lazy afternoon. I can’t remember how I found Sheri of Confessions of a Refashionista but her blog made me laugh and I really liked her focus on eco-fashion so I decided to get in touch and suggest that we do an upcycling project- I thought it’d be cool to see how 2 different DIY-ers could interpret the same material. Imagine my surprise when she actually replied 🙂 (She is so fast at replying, it really puts me to shame…) and we soon decided on a denim theme for our collaboration 🙂

Initially I wanted to do a fashion piece out of a now too small old pair of jeans but I couldn’t think of anything original. so I finally decided on a denim themed home decor DIY tutorial 🙂 Before I ramble on, here’s Sheri’s really cool and quirky project 🙂 Isn’t it cute? Makes me glad I didn’t do a fashion one too 😉



What you need:

  1. old denim- I used a pair of jeans that are now super uncomfortable
  2. old jar- remnants of my afternoon tea
  3. glue
  4. scissors



Step 1

Cut a piece of denim that can wrap around your container, but make sure there’s not too much excess fabric or it’ll make your jar bulky. I used the edge of the jeans as I liked the hemmed effect and don’t have a sewing machine!



Step 2

Fold in 1 edge of the denim and glue it down. This is to give it a nice finish when you finish wrapping your jar. (Yes you read that right, you only need to do it for 1 edge- the other edge is hidden under fabric so who cares if it frays :P)



Step 3

Apply glue to the jar and then press the fabric firmly onto the jar. Make sure the hemmed edge of the jeans is aligned with the top of the jar so you don’t get a wonky finish- see that nice edge in the photo? That’s from Step 2 🙂



Step 4

Fold and glue the denim at the base of the jar. It’s kind of like wrapping a Christmas present. As you can see, I’m a sloppy wrapper. I figured no one looks at the base, so I just trimmed the denim enough to make the base flat and then glued it down….

Doesn’t the new jar look pretty? Just in time for my move to my new place too! 🙂


Written by Zen

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