5 years ago, I nearly broke my back in a riding accident- luckily, I was unhurt but the next week, I ended up breaking my collarbone. 😛 They say you’re not a real horse-rider till your 1st fall- I say it’s not till your 1st broken bone. 2 inches to the right and I could have broken my neck! But, at the end of the day, life’s too short to not do what you love, and so, back on the horse I got.


I find it inspirational to read other people’s stories about how they’ve pursued their passion, whether it’s quitting a corporate job to try an alternative career like blogging, travelling the world or just getting back on a horse :P. Which is why every 1st Monday of the month, I’ll be sharing an interview with a person (or people!) who has taken that road less travelled. If you think you fit the bill, feel free to drop me an email at whereverhapiness (at) gmail (dot) com J


As a blogger, I’m always curious about other bloggers’ journeys- why they started blogging and what keeps them blogging- especially when the stats suck and it seems like they’re just talking to themselves! Today, we’re going to learn more about both a full-time blogger, Agate of Passion Shake, and a blogger who blogs regularly, has a creative business AND an office job, Claire of Claireabellemakes.


Agata is living the blogging dream 🙂 She left her managerial role in a multi-national company and relocated to Italy to focus full-time on her blog, Passion Shake, which is a blend of home-related topics such as trendy interiors, design finds, decorating ideas and creative DIYS.

La Dolce Vita, indeed!


The lovely Agata at work

Tell us about how you started blogging

Since I remember I’ve always been crazy for interiors and photography – but I took it to the next level only in the last few years. After graduating from British University (with a degree in Experimental Psychology), I was very focused on getting into corporate world, having a successful career, a good salary, and an office in a London skyscraper. So when I got a job in of one of the multinational companies, it was like a dream come true. 6 years and 5 promotions later, as the youngest manager in the company I was relocated from London to Warsaw, where I was in charge of the brand new office and a dream team. I had everything I wanted, but I started to feel something was missing. Then, I created my blog, to bring a little bit of creativity and love for interiors into my life. Passion Shake helped me realize, that the corporate life wasn’t for me and that I would happily swap high heels, fancy meetings for a small creative space and camera in my hands. Hence, I left my job behind and moved to Italy to focus on what I always loved. And I guess it worked!



What does a full-time blogger do, exactly? 😛

I spend most of my days blogging about interior projects I work on and writing for Home and Living magazines.


One of Agata’s DIY projects. I’d love a door stop like this in my home! 🙂

A typical day in my life starts at about 8:00 am (I’m not really a morning person!) when I get into my recently renovated studio and check my emails. Then, I open my agenda and see what projects I have planned. Those include – styling and shooting content for brands, writing and creating projects for magazines and blogging, of course. I do have a schedule where I try to blog 2-3 times a week (but I have to admit I don’t always stick to it, as there are some posts ideas that come instantly and I can’t wait to share them!)


More of Agata’s amazing work


A full-time blogger once said that everyone wants to go full-time but the problem is when they do, they run out of things to write about and become boring- a statement I strongly disagree with! But since I’m not a FT blogger, I shall leave it to the Pro to answer the question 🙂

I agree, but I guess this is the case if your blog is your main focus. Most of the full-time bloggers, are involved in other projects, freelance work, running their own small business, so the blog is only the extension of what they do professionally. In this case, I guess it’s hard to run out of the ideas, as you document projects you work on, things you do, places you visit. It becomes your life, and there is always something interesting going on, to share. The most enjoyable thing about being a blogger, is to have the possibility to participate in so many activities, meet awesome, like-minded people and wake up every day knowing your day is going to be all about-what you LOVE.


Need to make myself one of these!

Advice for other bloggers that want to go full-time?

I know many have already said that, but it’s the best advice to give – it doesn’t happen over the night. You need to be patient and focus on doing what you love first, before thinking about getting profit from it. I believe that, the successful bloggers, are those who follow their heart and true passion. Those are the things that will keep you going during the difficult times, of hard work and late nights. Make sure you are creating something you are proud of, something that you could call your brand. It will make you happy, fun to build and work for each day with a smile on your face (at least most of the time! *wink*)



Till next time! 🙂

All photos courtesy of Agata & Passionshake

Written by Zen


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