I am intensely bored by my own food posts. So much so that I thought about scrapping them from this blog. However, a friend just told me that she likes my food posts best of all, so I decided to give them another go. (Or maybe all my posts are just too terrible! :P) That same friend and I went to Hush in Mayfair sometime back.


The weather was good, so we sat al fresco but when I went to use the loos, I noticed that the interiors were cute. (You may wonder what this has to do with a food post but I have friends who only eat in not-ugly restaurants, so I thought I should mention the fact 🙂 )


I love the pink loos- slightly kitsch, but so am I 😛


My 1st impression of Hush was pretty good. Not only were they dog-friendly, they brought a bowl of water and a dog biscuit over. Sadly, that was the best bit!


My friend had to leave early, so I asked to take my food away (as it hadn’t arrived yet). I was allowed to neither doggie bag it nor cancel it, which I found slightly off-putting. On the plus side, the pasta was tasty.






Tasty as the pasta was, there was something in it! A piece of wire, plastic something- you can see a photo of it below. As the service wasn’t very good- besides the dog biscuit part!- for example, it was pretty difficult to get their attention- I didn’t raise the issue with the staff.


But I wouldn’t go back. Have you eaten at Hush before? How did you find it?

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