“The detoxification tea provides the body with inner cleansing and supports detoxification when fasting and dieting. In order to achieve the best results, use 1 teabag per cap, add boiling water and let it steep for 6 minutes. To use as a cure, 2 litres of detoxification tea should be drunk daily over 3 weeks.”



I drank a cup a day, for 15 days. Apart from the fasting and dieting bit, I followed the instructions pretty closely but didn’t see any results with this tea. Best bit? It tasted like drinking boiled grass!! The ingredients are blackberry leaf, bee balm, apple, rose hip leaf, mate green tea, peppermint, birch lead, verbena, fennel and marigold leaf which all seem readily available at health shops so I’m thinking we can DIY our own version of this tea (if so inclined)… I shall experiment and try it again when I really am dieting (fasting is impossible!).


£15 for  x bags? Instead, why not try Aveda’s Liquorice tea? Cheaper & delicious!

Written by Zen

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