Under 1.5 hours direct from either London Victoria or St. Pancras, there is no reason not to visit Whitstable, a very charming seaside village, for a day out. Especially if you love oysters, which it’s renown for!


Look at how many oysters have been eaten there- and this is only ONE pile! Don’t you love how eco-conscious they are?!



Whistable is so entwined with Oysters, they even name their housing developments after them!IMG_6551


The village centre/ seaside is a 10-15 minute walk from the train station. Don’t be disheartened by the not-so-picturesque buildings and landscape that greets you outside the train station. The village centre is pretty cute, when you get there 🙂 In true British seaside holiday town fashion, Whitstable has lots of cute shops selling knick knacks, homewards and craft items. Sadly, I visited during my blogging dry spell so didn’t get photos of all the places. But hey, this way you get to discover it yourself 🙂


I did get 1 of this though, because the traditional sweets were just too cute. There’s a similar shop iN Greenwich too, if you are a sucker for nostalgia like me 🙂





Since oysters were THE reason I visited Whitstable, they were first on our list. There are tons of stalls by the seaside, so take your time to have a stroll before deciding. We spied this gentleman shucking the oysters al fresco, so decided to park ourselves here. He kindly allowed us to take a picture of him hard at work!




And here’s a close-up for all the foodies out there:



6 oysters are pretty small, so our next stop was, of course, lunch! I hadn’t done much research on where to eat in Whitstable so we randomly chose The Whitstable Oyster Company as it was along the seafront too.


The interior was very homely and old-school.



Here’s a glimpse of the menu:



The food was OK but nothing special, sad to say. Overall, I’d say it’s a place to come more for the ambience than the food. If I came back to Whitstable, I would choose to try somewhere new instead of eating here again.

IMG_6567 IMG_6570


After that big pre-lunch and lunch, it was time to go for a nice long walk by the seaside 🙂 Depending on how long you want to spend sitting and walking by the beach, I’d say Whitstable is good for at least a half-day trip. If you’ve been to Whitstable, would love to hear what your favourite things to do there are 🙂



Written by Zen