Hapiness Wherever No pliers Balmain cuff

I think this is my most popular DIY post- so I think that speaks for itself 🙂 Although it’s probably a bit egotistical to start this post with my own work. But, hey, if I don’t promote myself, who will? 😛


My White Idea DIY: Sophie Bille Brahe inspired pearl earring

I first came across Sophie Bille Brahe 2 years ago- turns out 1 of my friends had helped her launch her line!- and since then I’ve loved the simple, minimalistic chic look of her pieces. Apparently, so does My White Idea DIY, who’s come up with this easy DIY tutorial. It was so simple, initially I didn’t even realise the blog was in Spanish!


Last but not least, there’s HonestlyWTF’s Jimmy Choo tasseled sandal re-creation. I’m starting to feel a bit like an HonestlyWTF regurgitation blog! So far, they’ve been quoted in almost every Best DIY Round-up that I’ve done!  But their DIYs are just waaay too fabulous! Some are a lot of work but this one is easy!


Made By Girls’ DIY Anthropologie vases

Which is why I think Anthropologie hacks are the best thing since sliced bread, to coin a phrase 🙂 One of my favourites is this Anthropologie vase tutorial. Seems pretty easy to do, no? Not handy with clay? Why not buy a large silk flower and glue it on to the vase instead?


Bromeliadliving DIY Kate Spade Inspired Flower Necklace

The original is on the left- is it terrible to say I actually prefer the DIY version??You save USD295 too (minus DIY material costs)- nice! 🙂

kate spade combo

Honestly WTF’s take onDylanlex

One of my favourite Dylanlex knock-offs inspired DIYs around is this piece by Honestly WTF. I really like how you don’t need special parts for this piece- you just need to combine your old necklaces and, of course, everyone’s version will come out slightly different! As long as you combine necklaces with enough heft to them together, the end product will definitely be eye-catching.


View Along The Way’s DIY Anthropologie pyrite knobs

This is not only idiot-proof, it’s very versatile. You can use it to make knobs out of anything, not just pyrite. I am imagining using it for natural agate slices or agate druzys. Very chic! Plus, instead of drawer knobs, you can also use these as closet handles. Great way to glam up those Ikea cabinets!


Astley Clarke bracelet DIY

Another of my designer DIYs, inspired by my shopping trips to Liberty’s! The originals cost over £100 and this cost me £2! You can do the math 🙂


Pudel Design’s Little Birde Dish Anthropologie DIY

I have a thing for home decor with birds. They’re just too cute! In fact, my soap dish in the bathroom is a pink bird on a white dish. Or rather, it was a pink bird on a white dish- now it’s just a white dish sans pink bird- after effects of my Mom’s attempt to housekeep for me… …. …


Photos and tutorials all credited to their respective sites

Written by Zen