I sometimes wonder if the giving of samples actually benefits skincare brands but every now and then I find a product that works so well, 1 sample is enough to convince me to buy it. I suffer from combination/ oily skin with huge pores so I’d always steered well clear of facial oils. I don’t know what possessed me but one day I decided to try the Aurelia Night Oil sample that Liberty London gave me and after 1 use, I was hooked. The next day, my skin was softer and more supple. Best of all, it didn’t break me out!


I dutifully signed up for the Liberty Aurelia redeemable facial and bought the above 2 products. The facial felt amazing but i did get 1 or 2 small zits immediately after- not sure whether it was from the facial or just bad timing though… Made me steer clear of the above products for a while but I eventually gave in. Happy to say that I have no new breakouts to report!


Pluses: product smells great, makes my skin soft & supple, and a little goes a long way- apparently you only need 2 drops for each application. (I used to use like 1 whole dropper-full so like 20 drops! But it still didn’t give me zits, yay! Nowadays I use a more moderate 3-4 drops.) 3 months on, I’m still on my 1st bottle, so this is a very economical product for a budget conscious person 🙂


Minuses: Even though it’s an oil, using both the serum and oil isn’t sufficient for winter. My skin still gets dry and flakes around the mouth and nose, even when I’m using the 20ish drops.
Verdict: Great products for spring- autumn but for winter, something more heavy duty is required, like the Dr Sebagh High Maintenance Cream (review coming tomorrow)

Written by Zen

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