This is going to be a short post. Why? It smells very artificial, chemical-ly (my new word of the day) and gives me a headache! So, no I do not recommend it, neither would I buy it.

Strangely enough, it seems to be very popular and has a 4+ rating on Amazon. So either I’m weird (very possible) or the brand has sponsored many reviews 😛 In an effort to be impartial, let me do a quick overview about what is good about the brand.

I love the applicator: it’s in a spray form so super easy to apply without getting your hands greasy!! As for functionality, let’s see… According to the label, this is made “with Roucou oil, for all hair types.” In addition, it:

  • adds shine – minimally, yes
  • adds softness and silkiness- my hair is DEFINITELY silkier
  • excellent detangling power- not really applicable for my hair
  • facilitates combing of dry and wet hair – as above
  • controls frizz- not noticeable
  • exceptional conditioning effect- I assume this means, makes it softer? so then yes
  • gives body without weighing hair down – er, not really
  • moisturises hair – again, softer? yes
  • facilitates blow drying – didn’t notice
  • heat protection- as above
  • longer lasting hairstyle – as above

If only they would switch the fragrance in this, I would definitely get it on the basis of the spray application alone!!!

FYI: If you still want to try it, I bought it from Liberty.

Written by Zen

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