Something new for the blog today with this Free People inspired turban (!) by Gina Michele. How cool is that? And very fitting now that festival season is upon us šŸ™‚





I try to source from a wide range of blogs but Gina Michele’s Free People DIYs are so amazing, I just had to include this fringe necklace DIY by her too. Hope you like it as much as I do!



Honestly WTF Net Bag DIY

This tutorial is so stylish yet easy, and uses such a readily available item- I’m disappointed it wasn’t my idea first! šŸ˜› Totally doesn’t look like it came from a supermarket!



A Beautiful Mess painted sneakers

A Beautiful Mess is one of the most popular DIY blogs out there and it’s not difficult to see why! This tutorial is super easy- just white sneakers + colourful fabric pens = your own personalised works of art on your feet!



All photos and credit to the respective blogs.

Written by Zen

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