This is not a sexy product. The packaging is plain- clinical, as befits a cream branded with “Dr”, but hardly anything that will make a girl go “ooooh sooo pretty! I want to buy it!” It smells OK- not unpleasant, but again nothing particularly delicious or memorable. Its results? Again, nothing very noticeable. Your zits don’t stop appearing and your scars don’t magically disappear. Oh, and it’s not cheap. This bottle set me back over £100!

And yet it is one of my go-to products. I tried replacing it before, but I could never find another product that worked as well. Now that I’ve highlighted all its flaws, maybe I should tell you WHY I think it’s so good 🙂 Well

  1. My skin NEVER dries out and flakes when I am using it- not even in the harshest winter and with the hard water in UK- unlike with other products, even facial oils.
  2. And in summer, it doesn’t overload my skin and make me break out- or at least no more than I usually do. So basically it keeps my skin perfectly hydrated.
  3. So much so that when I went for a facial (not by Dr Sebagh- by Sisley) when I had switched to this product, the facialist told me that whatever i am using suits my skin perfectly and I should just continue using it.

I think often with skincare, we get caught up in the “hope” and dream they offer of perfect skin. Dr Sebagh’s High Maintenance Cream didn’t give me perfect skin, sad to say, but it was most likely the most perfect my skin can get 🙂 Which is why this is a permanent addition to my skincare shelf now 🙂

Written by Zen



Thanks for this honest review!! Exactly what I needed to know. Have exactly same facial skin issues as you described. LA Mer I loved but may have been too heavy for me. Will try this out next.


Awww I hope it works for you! 🙂 It doesn’t do anything for spots/ scars- I use the Dr Sebagh Spot On treatment for that (also reviewed)- but it does keep my skin super hydrated and soft! 🙂


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