The name of this product is a little confusing. Despite having the word CC in it, it’s not a CC or BB but rather a make-up base that replaces sunblock. I hate having many layers of make up on my face so the fact that we could skip sunscreen was a huge plus for this product!


It was used on me by the make up artist at Jung Saem Mool’s salon in Seoul when I attended some make up classes there (Separate review for those). In case you’ve not heard of Jung Saem Mool- and I hadn’t – she’s a super famous makeup artist that does the make up for a lot of Korean actresses, celebs and movies. And she has her own makeup line of course!





After the makeup class (in which the artiste used JSM products to create a look for me), I decided to buy the Nuder CC and the BB/concealer pact, which were my 2 favourite products of the lot.


To be honest, I’m not sure if this primer is much better than others- for one, it didn’t enable my liner/ mascara to stay smudge proof for one!- but I bought it and would recommend it because:

  1. Tt replaces sunblock.
  2. When used with the pact, it did make my skin noticeably brighter and better (but not perfect. So, sadly, ladies, even with the same make-up and a professional make-up artiste, I still didn’t manage to look like a Korean superstar :P)
  3. Oh, and it was a perfect match for my skin tone (it only comes in one shade), unlike most of the Korean creams which leave a sickly white cast!


P.S. This is not a sponsored review so that’s a strictly objective Buy recommendation 🙂


Written by Zen