Where to stay: Corner Beech B & B (detailed review coming separately)

  • £57 pn (1 person, double room)
  • 20 min leisurely stroll from the railway station
  • Sea views, comfortable rooms
  • Most delicious breakfast I’ve had at a B & B
  • Parking available

My lovely hosts, Peter & Karen- Peter used to be a chef at Hyatt Hotel! I’d recommend Corner Beech House to anyone, but especially foodies! 🙂


Day 1: Grange

Since London is obviously the centre of the world :P, assuming you get on the 11 am train (off-peak trains are cheaper!), you’ll arrive in Grange in the mid-afternoon which works out perfectly as check in at Corner Beech starts from 3 pm.


There are a few shops and cafes in Grange- nothing that you MUST visit but it’ll be a shame to use Grange as a base and not see any of the shops! At the very least, check out their chocolate shop- the chocs are handmade in the Lake District! 🙂 (The independents tend to close around 430 pm but luckily, conveniences such as Spar and the Co-op close at 1030 in the summer.) So walk round, explore, maybe sit in the park by the train station by a bit and read.


To work up an appetite, walk the entire length of the Promenade- it may take up to an hour- and enjoy the sea views. Don’t forget to stop for a selfie 😛


If you can schedule your trip around the last Sunday of the month (in summer), don’t forget to visit Promart– the largest Arts & Crafts fair in Cumbria!

You may be tempted to run free and frolic in the seafront but AVOID- there lies quicksand!! Last year, over 10 people died out there and on day 2 of my trip, the Coast Guard had to be called in to save someone! (It is possible to go out with an experienced guide though- something I want to try!)



All that fresh air really works up at appetite so stop for dinner at Lymehurst. (Recommended by my B&B and the best of the 3 meals I had in Grange: Lymehurst vs Clare House Vs Amber Court)  Don’t leave it to late as last orders are at 8.30 (I got turned away once!)



The venison is good- not good enough that I’d want to have it more than once, but not a waste of calories, which is how I judge my food 😛



A very hearty cheese board- the best I’ve had actually! Love the chutney 🙂 Yum! (And yes I finished the entire thing, except the hard cheeses which I\m not a fan of!)



Awww cute! My 1st dog was a mastiff…


And now that you are in a food coma, it’s time to zzzz…


Day 2: Cartmel

Cartmel may very well be the prettiest town in Cumbria so it deserves a day – and a blog post- all to itself. Best of all, it’s only an hour’s walk from Grange! I’d say you’d need to be moderately fit to do the walk- I didn’t find it taxing but I don’t think my 68 year old Mom would last more than 5 minutes (it’s not a flat walk).

You’ll pass Hampsfell on your way, so do walk up to take in the 360 surroundings as well as make friends with the local sheep!



Day 3

If you’re in the Lake District, you really should see the Lake! If you have a car, you’re in luck but, if not, the Mountain Goat tour is a summary of  all the sights. I’ll do a separate post on it but note you don’t actually do much walking/ exploring of the lakes- it’s more like a boat trip followed by many photo stops.


Note: the pick-up from the Grange is only on a Wednesday.


You’ll arrive back in time to hike over to the Pheasant Inn for dinner. If you’re walking, ask your B & B for the car-free short cut. If not, the last 10 minutes is walking on the winding country lanes- not recommended especially at night!


Note: I didn’t actually eat at the Pheasant Inn as I was scared off by the zooming cars and didn’t have time to go back once I’d heard about the shortcut! It is #2 on Tripadvisor though so….  🙂






Day 4- last day!

Book a late train back to London (Euston) so that you can spend the day in Kendal! It’s a direct x6 bus ride from Grange station.



Written by Zen