When I was in Seoul, Korea earlier this year, I loaded up on masks: face masks AND hair masks. At around £3 a hair mask (which is for 1 use), they’re not exactly cheap but I wanted to see if price really = quality. The 2nd thing I was interested in testing was does better packaging = better product?


So I bought 2 types of hair masks: the cute sheep one by MediHeal you see on the right and the clinical, very boring, slightly dodgy looking one by Leaders Insolution on the left. I’ve used products by both brands (and reviewed them for the blog) before: the MediHeal foot mask and the Leaders Insolution face mask. Based on my previous experience, Leaders Insolution seemed like a better brand.


Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this Leaders Insolution Hair Mask.

The mask was waaayy too big for my head- and I have a big head! Which would be fine if it could be secured, but the tape they provided (shown below) wasn’t remotely enough to fix the hair mask securely in place. I tried using scotch tape but it couldn’t stay on the plastic.



Which could be forgiven, if my hair looked amazing after the mask. But despite me using it overnight, my hair didn’t look or feel any different! So, in summary:

  • ugly packaging
  • difficult to use product
  • no visible results
  • expensive

Definitely not getting this one again! Don’t forget to check back in to see whether MediHeal was any better 🙂

Written by Zen

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