If you’ve ever watched a Korean drama, you’ve seen that all the females leads- even the “ugly” ones (before the transformation)- have amazing hair, so silky it reflects light . Which is why I bought 2 types of hair masks when I was in Seoul over New Year: the cute sheep one by MediHeal you see on the right and the clinical, very boring, neighbourhood-shop looking one by Leaders Insolution on the left. I’ve used and reviewed products by both brands before: the MediHeal foot mask and the Leaders Insolution face mask. Based on past experience, I bought the Leaders Insolution hair mask despite not being quite convinced by its packaging!


At almost £3 a pop, this MediHeal hair mask isn’t exactly cheap (it’s only good for one use)- but it really delivers. I left it on overnight and when I washed it off the next morning, my hair was SO soft. (This is after the first use!) I’m not the most observant of people but I could definitely feel the difference! It even blow-dried perfectly and for once was nice and bouncy.


The extra-silky hair lasted till the next wash, after which my hair returned to its normal texture, but hey, maybe with a few more uses, the difference will be longer lasting! 🙂 (Oh, and it also fits my head pretty well- but that’s probably subjective, as different people have different sized heads.)


P.S. this sheep mask also makes great gifts! Being unmarried, I don’t give out red packets during Chinese New Year and decided to give out these pink packets instead! Now I only wish I’d bought more!


Written by Zen

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