Every now and again, I do a  DIY that I really like for one reason or the other. Sometimes it’s because it’s in a very different style to my previous DIYs, other times it’s because it goes perfectly with an outfit I have in mind, or, like with this DIY, it’s minimal effort, maximum impact. My favourite! 🙂


This DIY is soooo simple it takes less than 5 minutes and no tools besides a pair of scissors which, being an everyday item, I discount as a tool per se! All you really need is:

  • black cord
  • big silver beads with a hole big enough to thread 2 black cords through (readily available at most bead stores)
  • Optional: a Diptyque candle to inspire you?


Step 1: cut it

Cut 2 lengths of cord of the same length. It’s always better to have a bit more so make each cord at least 1.5m long. You can always trim it down later but it’s much more difficult to add length to a cord!


Step 2: thread it

Slide 1 bead onto 1 cord and pull about 10 cm of cord through.



Use the other cord and slide it through the same bead (again 10 cm) but in the opposite direction.IMG_6087
Take both ends of the cord and tie a knot to form a tassel.

Now use the other end of the 2 cords and repeat as many times as you like- the more of a statement you want to make, the more times you should repeat it!



Step 3

When you have made a long enough “ladder” of beads, slide some silver beads onto each cord- as you can see I’ve used 3 on each cord, but you can use as many/ few as you like.




Optional step

If you prefer a bigger tassel, cut some more lengths of cord (around 10 cm) and tie them around the knot you made in Step 2. You can also add some silver beads to the ends of the strings in the tassel.




I think this is going to be one of my most worn DIYs!



Written by Zen



Hi Elizabeth, thanks for visiting my post and your comments on the FB group page 🙂 Boho is short for bohemian (free spirited, indie etc)- in terms of style, Free People and often Anthropologie often have very boho inspired pieces. So whilst not prescriptive of the style, maxi dresses, shells, fringes etc are often used in boho pieces. Hope this helps!


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