I’m a big time hoarder. I suspect many people who enjoy crafts and DIY are- after all you never know when something is going to come in handy! Which is why I bought 20 pairs of almost identical silver hoop earrings at a go!


After keeping them for a few years, I decided it’d be more practical to have earrings that I could actually tell apart so here are 17 ways I’ve updated my silver hoops. And they’re super easy too! Only 4 projects require pliers- the rest are perfect as a first time fashion DIY, requiring no tools (apart from scissors and glue for some)! So grab your friends for a crafter noon and give them a try!


  1. Use silver wire and wrap seed beads all around the hoops


2, Stick some leather onto the hoops



3. Use wire to wrap spikes onto the hoops





4. Thread a long red coral onto the hoops




5. Thread some seed beads and tassels onto the hoops



6. Thread some silver beads onto the hoops- and who says you need the same number on each?!



7. Use wire to wrap shells around the hoops



8. Thread lots of eye pins onto the hoops to make a statement piece

For step by step instructions- it’s really only 1 step- check this page out



9. Glue a silver spacer across each hoop



10. Tie long threads for a festival ready look



11. Wire wrap some colourful beads on for boho chic style



12. Fasten a round pin across each hoop



13. Dannijo inspired: thread lots of silver circles onto each hoop



14. (Mother of pearl) Bead + head pin * many many = very cool statement earrings



15. Too many clasps? Thread some pretty ones onto each hoop



16. Use a headpin to attach a teardrop crystal onto each hoop



17. Hoop + silver circles + another hoop + more silver circles

(Yes basically u use 2 pairs of hoop earrings for this)

Like the jewellery stand? DIY instructions here  (it’s actually a trivet)



And here’s a birds eye view of all 17 designs! Do you have a favourite? Or want step by step photos on how to make a particular pair? Email me or leave a comment here to let me know! 🙂




Written by Zen



love your diys. save me a lot of money. I managed to make all these ear-rings
as presents for my friends. thank you


Thanks! yes DIY gifts are awesome! 🙂 Personal and a money saver!


looking forward to seeing more of your diys, be it necklaces, or ear -rings. WIll be useful to me as I have to give away xmas presents to my staff members.
have a good day.

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