Pizzazzerie’s DIY paper flower pomander

This is a really simple and handy DIY- you can use it for Christmas parties, wedding decorations or even blog photograph backdrops! Chepa to make too as the main component is paper really! Full tutorial and photo credit to



Just a Girl and Her Blog

I’m sure we all have old jars lying about our house and this is a great way to upcycle them! Photo credit and full tutorial on:



Passion Shake: breakfast in bed stand

Very handy for lazy lumps like me 🙂 Best of all, it looks incredible, is multi-functional ANDdoesn’t need any tools! My favourite kind of DIY 🙂


Photo credit to the amazing Agata & her blog:

Full tutorial on:


Jute rope placemats

Only 2 things required: rope & glue!! I’m a little envious I didn’t think of it first 😉 You could use the essence of the tutorial and make trivets to protect your tabletop from hot pots too 🙂 Full tutorial and credit to

Pottery Barn Inspired Round Jute Placemats



Made By Girls’ DIY Anthropologie vases

Seems pretty easy to do, no? Not handy with clay? Why not buy a large silk flower and glue it on to the vase instead? Photo credit and full tutorial on



View Along The Way’s DIY Anthropologie pyrite knobs

This is not only idiot-proof, it’s very versatile. You can use it to make knobs out of anything, not just pyrite. I am imagining using it for natural agate slices or agate druzys. Very chic! Plus, instead of drawer knobs, you can also use these as closet handles. Great way to glam up those Ikea cabinets! Photo credit and full tutorial on



Pudel Design’s Little Birde DIsh Anthropologie DIY

I have a thing for home decor with birds. They’re just too cute! In fact, my soap dish in the bathroom is a pink bird on a white dish. Or rather, it was a pink bird on a white dish- now it’s just a white dish sans pink bird- after effects of my Mom’s attempt to housekeep for me… …. … So I guess I should visit this site for the full tutorial (and photo credit to):



Bling napkin holders

I normally prefer more durable DIYs but these really don’t look anything like the toilet rolls they are made of and are pretty close to the real thing so I couldn’t miss it in this round-up 🙂Personally, I’d probably varnish the toilet roll before sticking on the scrapbooking rhinestones so that they are a bit harder and can withstand more wear and tear 🙂 Full tutorial and credit to

napkin ring


Intimate Weddings’ car jars DIY

This was from a wedding DIY but I think it’d look great around the home too 🙂 For full tutorial and full credit, you know where to go:



Paper N Stitch Blog’s Letter Place Holder

All you need are scissors and leaves! For full tutorial and photography rights, visit:



Mercury glass containers

Shabby chic decor is everywhere these days and the price is anything but shabby. It seems silly to pay so much for new stuff that is made to look old, don’t you think? So why not DIY it yourself? You can use it to store trinkets or place tea lights inside! Full tutorial and credit to



Fancy Chalk boards

Old dish that you don’t want? Upcycle it into this pretty notice board with some blackboard paint! They’d make great trays as well! Photo credit and tutorial on



Moss covered letters

$80 for moss covered letters?!! Er… no! Thankfully there’s a $8 DIY for this pretty decorative piece. Photography credit and full tutorial on



Homey Oh My: lamp

Apparently, the “after” version original inspiration sells for $200! Great way to save $$$. Full tutorial and photo credit to



Sugar & Cloth: Sugar Scrub Sand Art

I love how it adds a pop of colour to the house. Brings me right back to my childhood days… Photo credit and full tutorial on


the3rsblog: cork board

I’ve always wondered what I should do with the cork from a wine bottle after finishing the wine – the recyclaholic in me felt it was such a waste to ditch it- and now I’ve found the answer! Glue them together to form a huge cork board! This is not only a really cool way to re-use old corks, it also enables you to customise the size of your cork board- it’s actually quite difficult to get big ones (unless you want to stick individual cork sheets together- and it’s also a trip down memory lane when you look at all the different vintages 🙂

Photo credit and full tutorial on:



Hapiness Wherever Upcycled Chopstick toilet roll holder

Well, since this is my blog, I should have at least 1 DIY of my own on the list 😛 And this is SO easy to do- I made it in 1 minute!



Hapiness Wherever upcycled chopstick trivet meets earring holder

You can probably tell I’ve been doing quite a few takeaways, since I’ve had quite a few chopsticks to upcycle! 😛 (No, they’re not used!!)



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Written by Zen