Wild Amor marbled low tops

Having just interviewed Kirsten Nunez of wildamor, it’s probably no surprise that I love her DIYs 🙂 And this marbled low top is no exception!



My Dubio’s DIY marble jewellery

Marbling is so huge these days, it’s even spilled over to DIY marbled jewellery. Sounds cheesy but as shown below looks really classy when matched with the right pieces!



Mable iPhone case

Earlier this year, I collaborated with the amazing Evija on a marbling DIY and, having excess marbling paper from giving my wooden table a makeover, I decided on using up the scraps with this iPhone case marbling DIY




From Evija with Love marbled vase

I love Evija’s take on our collaboration, which I think is way more creative than just sticking a piece of paper like I did!



Song of Style’s DIY marble coasters

Aimee from Song of Style apparently had a similar idea and used nail polish to create marbled coasters



Wild Amor’s  (again!) water-colour blazer

Kirsten calls this a water-colour blazer, but the effect looks like marbling to me, so here we go 🙂 It totally looks store bought!!



Poppytalk’s DIY marbled coffee table

This project looks impressively stylish i.e. difficult but actually amazingly easy!

Honestly WTF marbled pillows

We’ve had marbled jewellery, marbled vases, why not marbled pillowcases too? 🙂



A Beautiful Mess basic marbling tutorial: shaving cream + ink

And to get right down to marbling basics, ABM shows you how to create your very own marbled paper instead of cheating and buying it off Amazon as I did 😛


Note: photo and tutorial credits all to the respective bloggers!

Would love to see what marbling DIYs you’ve done! 🙂 #notmadebygranny


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Written by Zen