Star Hapiness is…

… getting a compliment on a piece of jewellery that you made!

These earrings came about when my Godsister found a pair of earrings that she wanted. They were gorgeous. But over a 100 quid!! So I decided to whip her up something similar for much less. Unfortunately I didn’t save the link to those earrings, otherwise you could see how alike they look for yourself. Star1 What you need: 1. 2 star-shaped crystal beads 2. 2 earring hooks 3. 4 jump rings: 2 large (big enough to go through the hole in the crystal stars) and 2 small (It’s tricky to find a large enough jump ring when you first start out so try asking the bead store staff for help!) 4. Pliers (Flat-nosed ones are easier for beginners to work with) Tip: Go for quality pieces. The difference between a cheap and an elegant pair of earrings depends on the pieces you use. I chose Swarovski crystals (instead of imitation glass/ plastic) and gold-plated findings. The larger the crystal, the more important it is for it to be of good quality. But Korean and Chinese crystals are rapidly catching up- and much more affordable…


`Step 1: Use the pliers to open 1 large jump ring and thread 1 crystal bead through. Close the jump ring.


Step 2: Use the pliers to open 1 small jump ring and thread through the large jump ring (from Step 1) and the earring hook. Close the small jump ring. Tip: I find that using as small as possible a jump ring here makes the piece more elegant.

Star Step 3: Repeat for the other side. And you’re done in 5 miutes!!

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Written by Zen