Geometric black & silver necklace using hinges by yours truly 🙂

One of my favourite pieces to dress up a black top or dress!




Style Hurricane’s plumbing bracelets

I’m really digging these plumbing leather bracelets by Style Hurricane. Using hardware in jewellery making is not a new idea, but these bracelets really do look professionally done! Probably not a surprise since Anni designs jewellery for a living 🙂 Which is why this is the only DIY in the round-up that doesn’t come with full instructions- the link to Moody magazine doesn’t bring us to the actual DIY- but I figure it’s simple enough. Get flat leather cord and some plumbing supplies, then glue together. A little work for a lot of style.


The Stripe meets Holst & Lee

Since Holst & Lee was at the forefront of the hex nut jewellery revolution, the first that comes to mind is obviously The Stripe‘s (previously Stripes & Sequins) DIY Neon Tassle necklace with Holst & Lee. Never mind that this tutorial really only uses hex nuts as a minor accent, I still say it’s a hex nut piece of jewellery 🙂 The necklace wouldn’t be the same without it 😛


Thanks Grace for letting me use your photo 🙂


Spanish inspired tassel earrings by yours truly

They’re a little heavy- made from pull rings- but quite a statement piece I say! 🙂



Statement Earrings

If you’re big on comfort, go for metallised plastic hardware hoops instead, such as the below- I love this pair and get SO much mileage out of them. The silver shows up really well against my dark Asian hair!


Most of the hex nut DIYs out there are for bracelets and, to be honest, they get repetitive after a while so I was pleasantly surprised to see this hex nut earring DIY 🙂 Pretty chic don’t you think? Kudos (and photo credit) goes to Vanessa at Cafe Craftea 



Last but not least, I definitely couldn’t miss out HonestlyWTFs macrame bracelets. Maybe the most re-pinned, re-posted, re-created hex nut DIY out there?


So that’s it. What do you think? Hopefully you’ve seen something new today 🙂

Note: in case it was not clear (?!), all photos on this post belong to their respective websites and were NOT by me. (Boo hoo for me :P)


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Written by Zen



Thanks for linking to my post! That necklace is still a favorite of mine! xx

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