Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? The name of this product is definitely prophetic- it is my favourite lip balm, day or night, by leaps and bounds!


C O Bigelow is definitely my favourite apothecary brand- much better than Kiehls! With the exception of their conditioner (review here), I’ve loved every single CO Bigelow product I’ve tried, such as their Mentha Exfoliating Bar (review here)



  1. It made my lips feel smoother and more moisturised after ONE night! Usually, when I wake up, my lips are back to feeling dry but when I woke up after using this, my lips still felt soft and moist. In fact, I ended up using as both my lip balm for both day and night! My lips usually chap and crack in winter, but not when I use this regularly! 🙂
  2. I LOVE the smell- normally lip balms have such artificial smells and tastes which make me feel like I’m ingesting a load of chemicals. Although not organic, this one smells rather chocolate-y and doesn’t have an unnatural taste when you accidentally eat it (as happens with lip balm).
  3. The application method is more convenient than a pot balm and more hygienic than a stick balm (as you can wipe the “mouth” of the balm after each application)


Basically, it works! 🙂



Lips before treatment



Lips after treatment- there are still lines but this is after just 1 use- and they definitely feel much better and softer (Unlike some lip balms which protect your lips but don’t actually do anything for them!)



  1. A little pricier than the typical lip balm (but still worth the money)

Random info

  • clear when applied
  • fairly thick and moisturising

Full disclosure: I received this product for free from Liberty of London but NOT for review. It was part of their bi-annual, super amazing giveaway where if I spent like £150 and received TONS of freebies from amazing brands worth £150 or more, such as mini Diptyque candles! I highly recommend taking part in this promo when they run it again! So far, I’ve already bought 2 full sized products based on what was in the goodie bag 🙂


Look at this incredible haul from Liberty’s- all free with a  £150 purchase! Can’t wait for the promotion to come about this year again 🙂

Written by Zen

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