I’ve a nodding acquaintance with the term “silicone-free”. It’s been bandied around in the fashion magazines I read, in all sorts of articles about why we should eschew silicone in our hair products but, to be honest, lazy me has never really paid much attention to the details as the drawbacks didn’t seem life threatening and the potential gains negligible. So I knew that some people felt we should avoid it but not why.


After trying the L’Occitance Revitalising Fresh Conditioner (which is silicone free), I became more interested in finding out more. Thanks to some help from my good friend Google, to basically summarise the gazillion articles I’ve read:

Silicone pros

Makes your hair look shiny and smooth- you know, like a Pantene ad?

Silicone cons

Doesn’t actually improve your hair, builds up on it over time, eventually making it lifeless and the solution for removing build up (a clarifying shampoo) can be damaging.


OK, so now on to trying a silicone free product to see if the loss of (temporary?) shine is tolerable.


L’Occitane Review

I’ll be honest here. I’ve never really understood what the big hoohah about L’Occitane is. My Dad is quite the fan of their products and may be their biggest customer in Malaysia (he busy them for EVERYONE we know :P) But I’ve never found a L’Occitane product that actually improved my skin/ hair to justify the price (see my review of the L’Occitane hair oil here), so I wasn’t expecting much from this Conditioner (a sample from my Dad given to him by his favourite SA at the L’Occitane outlet in Kuala Lumpur Pavilion mall) And those suspicions were confirmed when I first used it.


Unlike my normal conditioner, which makes my hair feel silky the moment it is applied, my hair felt so “sticky” and rough when using this. I washed it off, expecting to find lots of tangles when I blew dry my hair. So I was really surprised to find that my hair felt pretty smooth after the product had been washed out!! There were ZERO knots or tangles. In fact, my hair felt much softer than it did compared to some of my regular (i.e. silicone full) conditioners! Look-wise, it was the same, neither shinier nor less shiny but it just felt better and “lighter”. The description probably doesn’t make sense now but it will when you’ve tried the product yourself 🙂



Place holder for a before/ after silicone-free photo here (missing due to my BIG boo boo of syncing my iPhone and deleting ALL my photos- not a great way to start the (chinese) New Year! 😛


I can safely say I’ve now found my favourite L’Occitane product & the sample has convinced me to buy the full size version so I’ll be following (fellow blogger) Rach and doing a review of what my hair looks like a fortnight-month in without silicone- do check-in in Feb to find out more! 🙂 If you’re impatient, you can read about Rach’s experience first 🙂


This has been my favourite hair care find in the last year so I highly recommend you try this product yourself!! (not being asked/ paid by the brand to say this in case you were wondering :P) It’s definitely way better than the Kiehl’s Argan Conditioner   or Kerastase silicone-free shampoo I tried!


Written by Zen

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