After falling in love with C.O Bigelow when I first used their Night Lip Balm (review with photos here), I have been on a quest to try every single one of their products. This is actually the 3rd of their products I am reviewing (the other being their Mentha Exfoliating Bar Soap) and is the first of their products that I don’t like. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but just not for me.




Let’s see what their product description promises:

  • Qty: 345 ml
  • For all hair types
  • Shiny, knot-free without weighing it down
  • 100% Natural
  • Coconut Fragrance

Why I wouldn’t buy it again

It actually delivers on 4,5 of its key points (admittedly messing up on the quantity is a bit difficult :P)- the only one I’d dispute is shiny. It didn’t leave my hair dull, but it didn’t leave it shinier either, which is why I couldn’t justify paying £14 for it. I don’t think it’s exorbitantly expensive for a premium hair product- the Ren conditioner I bought before this was £16, and I believe in a smaller bottle- but I don’t see enough of a difference of a supermarket conditioner to go for the extra splurge. (If anyone sent it to me for free, I’d use it though! :P) Having said that, it was still better than the Kiehls Argan shampoo and conditioner (review here), both of which just left me unimpressed.


On the bright side

It definitely does leave it feeling more lightweight than my usual Pantene or L’Oreal conditioner- in fact, the feel is very much like the silicone-free L’Occitane Revitalising Fresh Conditioner so I wonder whether this is silicone free or not…
The coconut smell is also very natural and the most memorable of all the coconut scented beauty/hair products I’ve tried but. I’d say the advantage over using pure coconut oil directly is that this is much easier to wash out of your hair and doesn’t leave the post-greasy feeling 🙂




Written by Zen