Hanskin is one of my Korean beauty secrets- or maybe not so secret since I’m posting about it! But it was a brand that wasn’t very popular with my customers when I used to sell Korean skincare. However, people who’d tried it almost all loved it and came back for more!


One of my best customers- Mummy dearest- loved it so much she ended up buying 2 complete skincare sets (so cleanser, toner, serum, essence and cream). Sadly by then I’d stopped selling Korean products so this wasn’t from me but the lady we bought it from was so happy she gave us a free packet of these Gold Caviar sheet masks. (Korea is famous for its freebies, which it calls “service”. Sigh, what with doing this review and watching “Cheese in the Trap”, I’m definitely missing Korea!)


Anyway back to the review. Here’s some info about the mask (there are actually English directions on the back! Wow):


“Formulated with the Gold Caviar of Sturgeon that is reputed as Imperial Fish, and ingredients of gold and collagen that have excellent anti-aging properties, this firming and nourishing Gold Caviar sheet mask helps deliver robust, tightened and supple skin.”


Directions for use:

  1. After cleansing and toning, leave mask on for 15-20 min then gently pat face.

Note: Remaining liquid in packet shouldn’t be wasted! It’s essence- use it on your arms and legs!!



  • Skin definitely feels more nourished.


  • But it’s not sticky! (Note: I am in London in February- in a hotter, more humid country, the light after feel of the essence on your skin can be slightly cloying)


  • Mask is not dripping with essence which makes this face mask less messy to use- I like! 🙂


Photo before use- 2 giant zits & slightly blotchy skin


Photo after use- doesn’t it look a lot brighter & clearer?

I mean I still have the 2 giant zits but the rest of my skin doesn’t look so inflamed.


Photo after use AND patting skin-

I am normally rather cavalier about instructions but I thought I’d see if following them exactly actually makes a difference. And boy does it! Look how much brighter my skin looks compared to the one above- even my 2 zits look slightly less red!


I’d definitely buy this again when I next go back to Seoul (that would be my lucky 8th time in Korea 🙂 )



  • I was surprised and a little disappointed that the mask was “paper” (cotton like) and not hydrogel as I associate hydrogel with premium and Hanskin is one of the pricier brands. I mean, even this Leaders Insolution face mask sheet (review) which is hydrogel! However, this reminds me that SKII’s face masks sheet (which I also reviewed here) are the same materials as this Gold Caviar mask- so either both brands are cheap or hydrogel isn’t all we’ve been led to believe? (What I like about Hydrogel is that after using it, you can feel the mask become dry because the liquid is absorbed by your skin. With this type of “paper” mask, it doesn’t dry even after reusing it on my neck and hands- I guess that’s a plus point!)
  • The fit also wasn’t perfect. It was not bad for me- it fit rather exactly over my face- I have a squarish, roundish face- but the nose flap was slightly too nose so the tip of my nose didn’t get much love. I took some photos of the fit but am too shy to share them (for now) – showing my 2 ginormous pimples is enough for today I think 😛


Have you tried Hanskin before? What did you think of it?

Written by Zen

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