Can I ever look like a Korean star? Sans plastic surgery of course. Most likely, no, but if anyone can help me get as close to that as possible, it should be a Korean makeup artist for Hallyu celebrities. So off I went to splurge SGS$400 on a make-up lesson at the Jung Saem Mool salon in Lotte, Seoul. Was it worth it? I don’t think so- sadly the photos of the makeover were deleted when my iPhone synced back to a 2014 version of my back-up (??!) (GRRRR) so I can’t share the photos with you (whew!) but here are my photo-less reasons why not:

  1. It was more like a makeover not a makeup lesson. I’m paying to learn make-up tricks not to have my make-up done! Although the make-up artiste had trained in London and was fluent in English, she didn’t really teach me how to do stuff (despite me asking). For example, I was told to pat the concealer on to conceal but not shown exactly how to build it up correctly. I think you probably get equal or more value from the JSM tutorials on their site.
  2. The make-up wasn’t great – I told the make-up artiste that I had oily eyelids and would like to learn how to do my eye makeup in such a way that it wouldn’t smudge. Guess what? Even her professional eye make up products/application smudged on me- in less than an hour! Hmmmm…..
  3. The artiste couldn’t give me advice. I asked specifically on how to achieve a cat’s eye look as well as find a bright red lippie suitable for my skin colour but na dah

Nonetheless, I’m glad I went as I found 2 products that I like! One is the JSM SPF cum primer which I reviewed here and the other is this Star-cealer Foundation (Whitening, Wrinkle Care & Anti-UV Cosmetic/ SPF 30 PA++/ Concealer) which really helps brighten and conceal! Don’t believe me? Here are the photos! (All taken at the same space (so same light source) within minutes of each other)


No make-up (just moisturiser): look at the two ghastly zits on my face. Argh. Maybe I should try Korean celeb skincare to get my basics right before moving onto their make-up!:


I didn’t use the JSM primer underneath as I wanted to isolate the effects of this product.


With the foundation only on:


Doesn’t my skin look glow-y?! Yes you can still see that i have blemishes but they are so much less visible! Sometimes I can’t differentiate my before & after photos for my make-up reviews but for this one, it was super evident to me!


With foundation & concealer:


I dabbed the concealer on my zits, along my nose and jawline to “shave” them smaller. My chin does look sharper but I suspect that is just the angle of the shot. Truthfully I’m not sure the concealer really helped but that’s cuz I have no clue how to apply concealer.


Does it last, you ask? Well here’s a photo of me 3 hours later (taken in the same spot but the lighting may have changed due to London’s depressing sunlight situation :P)


Lastly, here are some other things I like/ dislike about this BB/ CC cream.



The concealer and the foundation are the in same packaging! Saves space and handy for travelling.

The concealer can also be used like a bronzer for contouring- you just dab on more and more.


Expert make-up tip: the product is supposed to be patted on, not rubbed into your skin. There you’ve just saved SGD$400 (£200)!



When you press the long bar on the left, a little bit of foundation pops out. I used about four bits to cover my face. As you can see the concealer is almost empty which is a testament to how much I like this product. Usually I can’t be bothered to use my BBs/ Foundations because I doubt their efficacy!



Packaging is slightly confusing- took me a while to figure out how to get the foundation out! (You press the bar on the left) There weren’t instructions in English or Korean!


Oh and it doesn’t do oil control so at the end of the day, your face will be shiny ( I don’t finish off with a powder)

Written by Zen

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