I’d love to get a Korean makeover. (Well, actually I did do a Korean makeover at celebrity artist Jung Saem Mool’s salon last year but that’s a post for another time. I did buy two of their products post makeover- here’s the review for their CC SPF) Growing up Asian in a Westernised environment, all the beauty models I saw in magazines were gorgeous but unattainable and unrelatable. Which is why I’m now so interested in Korean style (and dramas!!) which may take some plastic surgery to achieve 😛 but are still more on the same page 🙂 So I always pay attention to tips from my Korean friends and 1 of them was this Lancome Artliner, which she swears by. (Before that, I’d always used eyeliners from Korean brands such as Tony Moly, Clio & Shu Umuera) Isn’t that interesting? The non-Korean uses Korean brands and the Korean uses non-Korean brands! To my mind, if the Korean is using a non-Korean brand it must be sooo much better than the Korean products out there! So let’s test that out to see if its’ true.
Note: As a lazy girl, I seldom use eye primer etc unless I have a special event. So, true to daily life, I’m reviewing this eyeliner straight onto moisturised skin without any priming, concealing etc


After washing, toning, lotion-ing, serum-ing, moisturising and sun screen-ing (all Shiseido except the serum- Dr Sebagh)

but no eye cream/ eye primer/ eye concealer/ powder

IMG_4020Look how puffy my eyes are 🙁 Anyone has a recommendation besides plastic surgery??


After daring on the eyeliner for the eye on the left- first line. It’s nice and black with just one (uneven) stroke. Notice how I’ve drawn the eyeliner straight? I used to do it cats eye-ish (flicked upwards) but in Korea the make-up counter lady recommended a level line – which I was sceptical about- but when she demonstrated the level vs flicked line… she was SO right!




After drawing the liner on both eyes…. it’s not really noticeable! Sigh. Damn those hooded lids 🙁



Anyway let’s see how long lasting this liner is..

4 hours later in Singapore’s hot & humid weather, my skin is pretty oily and yup, the liner has smudged. Not horribly but you can see a little bit of a raccoon eye forming underneath and, when I close my eyes, the line is shown to be really wonky now!


IMG_4024 IMG_4026


Well I don’t have oily lids you say! Or, I use an eye primer!

Let’s see how the liner might stand up under those conditions.

I’ve drawn the liner on the (non oily) back of my hand, then rubbed it a bit. Uh oh. Even without water, a little rubbing (which is inevitable since we blink) has left a whole in my previously nice solid line 🙁



Avoid this eyeliner – there are so many cheaper and better versions around! For example, the Tony Moly gel eyeliner may also not be oil-proof but it is 100% water and rub proof!

I did a quick Google search and it seems I’m not the only one who’s reached this conclusion: check out BunBun’s amazing review here

IMG_4033 IMG_4036


The Lancome eyeliner sucks, but if you’re looking for an under eye concealer, I do have a great one to recommend! 🙂 Check out the Rodial BB Eye Venom – works great and comes with SPF!

Written by Zen

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