I’ve always felt Asian skin responds better to Asian skincare and recently I’ve been interested in traditional Asian haircare products as well. This was 1 of the 3 Korean hair masks I bought when in Seoul- I’ve also reviewed the Mediheal & Leaders Insolution hair masks– but this was the only 1 that is based on traditional haircare. Or, at least, that’s what the SA at All Mask Story in Myeong Dong told me- I can’t quite read the back of the pack and so far my Internet Search hasn’t said anything about traditional haircare ingredients!Unknown


Here’s what the promotional advertising promises:


Quite a transformation! Now my hair isn’t as damaged as that so I’m not sure the results (if any) will be as obvious but let’s try it and see!




  • for damaged or coloured hair- perfect! Since I just went unicorn.
  • meant for 1 use
  • Supposed to be the equivalent of a salon treatment in the comfort of your own home



First things first, fit! This was slightly big for my head but not excessively so (unlike the Leaders Insolution mask which kept sliding around my scalp and thus not really keeping my hair within). Even though the tape which is meant to fasten the mask tightly around your head broke before I could use it, the mask still fit me pretty well and not much of my hair fell out of it (I used a towel to wrap around the mask turban style to secure it)

IMG_4304That little tab on the right broke off before I could even use it!



I left it on for 2 hours instead of the recommended 15-30 min.

OK, my hair definitely doesn’t look as shiny as the girl’s on the front of the mask packet- but it doesn’t look damaged/ coloured. In fact, I think it looks not too bad for 2-4 bleaches! And it definitely felt super soft too!



First wash after colouring hair (on Day 4- amazing I lasted so long!) & 1 Salon Vim hair treatment (S$198) later:



Post treatment & blow-drying:

I took it in the same spot but by then the hair had gone down so the light looks a little different. But you can see the hair looks pretty soft and smoother:



With more of my hair showing:



And from the back so you can see more clearly. Looks pretty glossy (for bleached hair) don’t you think?



Overall, I’m pretty happy with this mask. I’d say it and the MediHeal hair mask are pretty evenly matched and would totally buy both of them again.

Written by Zen

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