I love, love, love the packaging of this Lucky Cloud Lip Butters. It’s super old school-chic, light and so easy to pop into your bag for a night out! At Β£4 a pop, they’re super affordable and even cheaper when you get the gift set of 3 (Β£10) πŸ™‚ But…. do they work?!


Let’s check it out πŸ™‚


Gift set for Β£10- makes a great gift!


Being a chocoholic, I decided to try the Cocoa Lip Butter. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft & easy it was to apply! The lip balms/ butters I’ve used before have usually been very hard πŸ™


Just a little rub and you get enough for 1 application- and, yes, it is brown, so how does that look on the lips?

The brown is noticeable but faint when applied against the skin.

Lips before applying the balm– dry and flaking (even though I’d used a lip balm before I went to bed. Not my favourite CO Bigelow Night Balm (review) which is probably why you can see the patches of hardened, dry skin on the bottom lip! πŸ™ Eewwwwwww (and excuse my zits- sigh. Obviously the next review I need to do is for a pimple popper)


Β Lips immediately after applying the balm

My lips felt SOOO soft and smooth! Seriously! And if you look at the middle of my lip- the dried skin there is now less obvious- this is after ONE application! Definitely my favourite lip balm!


You know how some lip balms just sit on your lips and make it look better but not feel better? Well this one definitely isn’t one of those!


I’d also deliberately applied the balm messily so you can see a bit of it has gone over the lip line but it looks OK so the brown colour isn’t a problem πŸ™‚


2 hours, a cup of tea and bowl of noodles later

So the lip balm works. But is it a temporary effect that disappears after the lip balm has been washed off by eating & drinking?

I think not! The photo was taken later which is why the light is different but my lips still felt really moisturised and, is it just me, but don’t my lips look even more moisturised now?!

And yes it definitely has a chocolate scent! Perfect gift for chocoholics like me!Β 


So quick recap of the Pros:

  • great packaging: stylish and won’t distort even the slimmest of clutches, perfect for days & nights out!
  • super easy to apply: doesn’t harden up
  • works: makes my lips really soft & moisturised, helps to lessen the effect of dead, dry skin from the first use
  • BUT it doesn’t leave a thick sticky layer. Nothing worse than when the wind blows and all your hair is left glued onto your lips! (I’m looking at you Lancome)
  • Perfect for chocoholics! Smells so much nicer than the usual lip balm- the Victoria Secrets one (review), for example, smelt so bad I couldn’t even bring myself to use it!
  • Also no nasties: paraben free!
  • Made in Scotland without animal testing: vegan friendly, animal cruelty free!
  • Best of all? You’d be supporting Lucy, a REALLY, really, really nice maker! πŸ™‚ Use your consumer power for good and support brands which deserve it!

(Gosh that’s a long list)


Any Cons?

To be honest, I’ve never liked products where Β you use your fingers- double dipping- but I’m going to end up using this product so fast I don’t think it’ll be too much of a factor here πŸ™‚ And if you’re really picky, you can always use a cotton bud πŸ™‚


Verdict: this is now a staple in my purse and my FAVOURITE lip balm.

Available for purchase here


Full disclosure: The lovely Lucy gave me my first lip balm (not to review for the blog but simply as a gift for manning the Makers & Friends pop-up in Edinburgh – isn’t she sweet?!) and I loved it so much that I bought the whole set πŸ™‚

PS This was also one of the best-selling products in the shop- we completely sold out! πŸ™‚ And it’s been on Vogue, Grazia and so many publications! Exciting! πŸ™‚

Written by Zen

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