Some skincare products make your skin better and some, well, don’t. Eye gels and creams unfortunately fall, for me, into the latter category. I’ve never used an eye product that I felt actually delivered on its promises- the Dr Sebagh For Your eyes only (link to review) is the ONLY Dr Sebagh product that I wasn’t impressed by- so, these days, I settle for products that don’t exacerbate my skin conditions. In my eye, although I see no improvement today, the eye care is an investment in my skin of tomorrow 🙂

In case you’re new to my blog, here’s a recap of what I look out for from eye products:

  • reducing black eye circles
  • reducing puffiness (associated with the dreaded Asian monolid or single eye lid 🙁 )
  • Prevent wrinkles
  • Doesn’t make my already oily eyelids even more of a disaster area for eyeliners & mascaras

As for reducing crows feet and firming, luckily for me, at 33 these aren’t major concerns- yet!



1 pump of the Ren Eye Gel


This Ren Eye gel, unfortunately is another dud for me. It promises to:

  • brighten the eye (no)
  • cool and refresh (yes. I was also advised to pop it in the fridge if I wanted to use a thick layer of it as an eye mask. A 2-in-1 product? I was sold!)
  • reduce puffiness and dark circles (exactly what I want but, alas, still no)
  • smoothen & firm the eye contour (NA)


The yeses and no-s in the brackets are whether I felt the product delivered and I’m including some before & after photos for you to make your own judgement. I’ve also included a photo of eyeliner application post applying the eye gel so we can see if it does make my eye makeup smear even more than usual!


Applied eye gel to under my left eye, so that will be the eye on the right below:



Used the Rodial Pencil Black Eyeliner post applying eye gel on the right eye (no foundation or primer etc- usually I don’t use those products so I thought I’d keep the test as close to life as possible)


The first line drawn was quite weak- I think it couldn’t glide on well because of the eye gel, but I went over it a few times and it was nice and thick after


As you can see, the eye liner on both eyes has smudged a bit (darn those oily eyelids) but the one on the right (where I applied the eye gel) has smudged a LOT more. So this eye gel isn’t really eye makeup safe! 🙁

2 hours post drawing eyeliner


Yup, it’s smudged a lot more, noticeably more so for the eye with eye gel applied (right eye)


The upper eye lid doesn’t seem as bad- probably because I patted the eye gel primarily into the skin beneath the eye

Despite all my naysaying above, I still re-bought this product (!!) and I’ve summarised why (the pros/ cons) for you below:



  • Didn’t give me milia- I have sensitive eyes which sometimes grow oil seeds if the eye cream is too rich
  • Easy to absorb into skin- I use 2 pumps which I pat into my skin and it feels like it sinks in easily. Also didn’t sting my eyes!
  • Small & light packaging- easy to pack so I don’t have to worry about travel sized eye care!
  • Affordable- the bottle is very small so I’m not sure if it actually works out cheaper per ml but, as a whole, the purchase doesn’t burn my pocket
  • Hygienic pump- nothing I hate more than having to double dip and I’m too lazy to use the scoops that come with skincare tubs 😛
  • No parabens (linked with cancer)
  • Smell is negligible (not strong, doesn’t smell bad)

(Also I don’t use make up that often so the smudging isn’t a deal breaker for me. Worst case, will just use it at night!)



  • This is probably a big no-no: I’m on my 3rd bottle & I haven’t seen any improvement. (This is inline with the reviews on other sites)
  • Opaque pump packaging – can’t tell when the bottle is really empty! I’ve had pumps which stop pumping up cream, lulling you into thinking it’s empty and almost throwing it away then randomly pumping up more cream later! 🙁

If you have something to recommend for reducing puffy eyes, I’d love to hear it 🙂

Written by Zen