To be honest, I’m a sceptic when it comes to hand/ foot masks but this was given to me at Trichokare Salon (yes I have a fear of balding- have you seen my Dad?!) so I decided to review it for the blog. I’d previously tried a ton when I used to sell Korean beauty products online but never found any that really made a difference, besides the Tony Moly Peeling Foot Mask- now that mask is a life changer!
Anyway back to Soo Beaute- here’s what the mask claims to do:

  • long lasting moisturising
  • improve skin roughness
  • Soft, younger looking, even tone, improves elasticity, softens cuticles


So here’s my hand pre-treatment:


Too bad they can’t make hands more delicate. I suffer from a bad case of man hands and prominent veins

In case you’re not familiar with hand masks, what you basically do is slip the glove on for 20-30 minutes, and continue with your daily life, then off comes the mask and, voila, your hands are miraculously transformed! All the essence is in the glove so it’s a very nice, non-messy way to give your hands a treatment!

They do similar things for feet! Who says a paraffin treatment is only for a pedicure- check out my review of the Mediheal paraffin foot mask.

Initial thoughts:

I must say the essence in this mask feels much better than the previous Korean hand masks I’ve used (more moisturising)! I guess the olive oil really does work! The smell is nothing olive-y though- in fact, it smells a bit overpowering in the generic Korean skincare way. (a sort of floral Pantene-y fragrance)

30 minutes later:

A sheen of moisture on my hands! Massaged it in and hands are left feeling well-moisturised but not sticky.



After 10 min of letting the essence sit on my hand:

Actually the skin tone does look more even! Other than that, there’s not much difference in moisture levels from using a regular hand cream.




Now that I’m past 30, it’s definitely time to invest more in skincare so yes I will use this again. I’m not 100% convinced that it is AH-MAY-ZING for my hands but, hey, doesn’t hurt to be paranoid 😛


If you are looking for an amazing product for the hands. try the Rodial Stem Cell Superfood Hand Cream  – the Face Shop one isn’t bad either and comes in such cute packaging!


Written by Zen

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