Have you ever found a beauty product that changed your life? I have- 3 actually. Interestingly enough, all 3 are super affordable Korean products. I’ve used a ton of skincare and make-up products, from those you find in the drugstore to the several hundred a pop creams such as La Mer but the ones that have been the most effective have been all under £10!


The Tony Moly lip tint is on of these products- as was their mascara which is sadly out of production now. That mascara was AWESOME- despite my hooded oily eyelids, it NEVER smeared. Sigh, now that I haven’t been able to find a replacement, I’ve pretty much given up mascara except for special occasions 🙁

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This was the very first Tony Moly lip tint I used- it was pretty much like water in consistency but made your lips look amazing. I can’t remember how many I ended up buying for friends who fell in love with it! Best of all, it was in a teeny packaging- smaller than a 50p coin- which made it perfect for date night clutches!



Sadly, as most brands do, Tony Moly discontinued that version- this is the only one I could find when I visited their stores in Seoul. The consistency is a little thicker but in most other aspects, it’s very similar to the original.

Why I like it?

  • It makes me look amazing! Well less not-amazing than normal at least. 😛 Even if I don’t put on any other make-up, a touch of this lip tint makes me look much better. (and not weird, unlike some lippies) In fact, I’ve never seen anyone who this tint doesn’t work on! I tend to be on the fairer side, but I have friends who are pretty tanned who tried it and fell in love with it too!
  • Maybe it’s just a lip tint thing in general? NO!! Look at my review of the Benefit Benetint (SGD$54)- terrible! Didn’t make any difference to my look and I could buy almost 18 Tony Moly tints for 1 of the Benefit’s!
  • It smells OK, unlike the Victoria Secrets lip balm 🙁
  • And…. it’s cheap! (2800 Won, approx SGD$3.50 or £2)



Anything to note?

  • It’s pretty much a stain so doesn’t moisturise your lips but you can easily add a lip balm after. And unlike other lip pies, it doesn’t overtly emphasise lip dryness or cracks!
  • Not very long lasting- lasts about 2 hours (with eating and drinking). But it’s easy enough to reapply- I don’t even use a mirror and just dab it on then smack my lips!!!


How it looks (No. 04)


Me without anything- freshly washed face



Dabbing on the lip tint- you can see it looks thick but is actually very easy to apply!



After smacking my lips – without using paper or finger to “blot”



Final look- After using my finger to smooth it out a bit (but without lip balm)



2.5 hours after application, drinking water and eating nuts- almost all gone, sad to say!


Written by Zen

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