When I was a teenager, I told everyone I wanted pink hair. But the closest I ever got were highlights. I guess I’m having either a mid-life crisis or delayed adolescence, as at the grand old age of 33, I’ve finally taken the plunge. In fact, I’ve 1-upped my teenager self with unicorn hair (also known as rainbow or mermaid hair): pink hair with blue, green and yellow hiding underneath. The look’s been pretty well-received- it’s my most popular Instagram post on my personal account (of course “Wow” can be interpreted in a  few ways:

– Wow you look awesome!

– Wow WTH happened?

– Wow … ….. …. (silence)




Anyway, who cares what other people think? It’s what I think that’s the most important and what I think is I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new hair- it’s so me! 🙂 I love it so much, I’m doing this post on 7 Things You Need To Know About Unicorn/ Mermaid/ Rainbow/ Festival hair.


  • However long they say it takes, it takes longer 

When I booked my appointment, I was told the process would take 2-3 hours. It ended up taking 6! Getting the style you want definitely takes time and effort!


  • You will need to bleach- more than once if you are not a blonde.

I’m Chinese (so brunette) and had to bleach my hair twice. It was still pretty yellow after double bleaching so if I want silver hair, for example, I may have to go a lucky third. My stylist also shared that if you have thicker hair, it may even take 4-5 bleaches. Potentially very damaging for your hair!


Look at my straw head after 2 bleaches. Some bits are lighter because they’ve been actually bleached FOUR times (I double bleached some bits previously when I went blue/purple)

Note: some people also find it burns their scalp


  • It’s high maintenance

It looks best with make-up on. I’m usually the laziest bum ever but post unicorn hair, I’ve gone out with foundation, liner and lip tint 2 days out of 3.

The bleaching makes your hair straw like, so you’ll need to mask like mad at home as well as go for salon hair treatments (the molecules in the hair products at a salon are smaller and thus can permeate your hair better) Here are my reviews of 3 “salon quality” home hair masks: ReEn Yungo, Leaders Insolution, MediHeal and my home DIY honey and oil version.


In addition, colour washes out super quickly. I did blue & purple the last time and that went in 2-3 weeks. I’ve been told my pink hair should last a bit longer- shhhooouuullld being the key word I guess 😛

But the good news is the hair is bleached forever so it’ll be much cheaper and quicker next time I want to colour it- we can skip the bleach and go straight to toning, which is good because…


  • Unicorn hair is addictive

More is definitely better. This isn’t my first time going wild- I did blue & purple at Kim Robinson last year but I didn’t really FEEL that look, if you know what I mean (when people ask me what I thought about my hair, I’d just shrug because I wasn’t sure if it looked “too much”) but this pink, green, blue & yellow combo? I think it looks great! Go figure.



I’m already plotting my next attempt at unicorn hair! But this time I wanna look more serious- I’ll be almost 35 you know!


  • Embrace dirtiness.

If I don’t wash my hair in 2 days, my scalp itches- literally. Tough luck as I’ve been told it’s best to wash it as little as possible- maybe even once in 5 days if possible (!!!) Today’s the 2nd day post wash so we’ll see how that goes 😛


  • Condition before you shampoo

Avoid shampooing your hair altogether in fact- just shampoo the scalp as really, that’s the bit that gets oily. And condition before you shampoo to help protect the colour!


  • Keep old towels & pillowcases on hand

When you hair’s wet, the colour will literally run- I have some blue spots on my grouting from my last foray into coloured hair- so make sure you don’t use your best white towels and bed linen just after you’ve dyed your hair!



And, most importantly, have fun with it! #yolo



Written by Zen

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