No man is an island. Or so John Donne says anyway.

One thing about working for yourself is that, after taking away all the glitz and glamour of “being your own boss”,  it can be rather isolating (and financially incapacitating!). So I decided to heed the wise words of Mr Donne and signed up for the London Etsy Craft Party to meet other like-minded creatives. Never one for moderation, I then promptly decided to sign up for every Etsy Party within easy reach of London, so Brighton- check, Portsmouth- check!
Brighton Etsy Craft Party

The 1st one on the calendar was by Btnetsy. Brighton is well-known for being creative and quirky so I was really excited about the event! And boy was I glad I decided to go- I seriously take my (non existent) cap off to the Btnetsy team! It was definitely the best organised, most incredible Etsy party ever! Actually, make that the best craft event I’ve ever attended!


For one, there was a huge community of people involved. I was there right on the dot but there was already a queue at the door and it was lovely to have a chat with other people interested in the same sort of thing as I am (in case it’s not clear, I mean crafting :P) I ended up leaving the evening with more crafty friends (well, on Instagram at least 🙂 )



Look at how crowded the hall is

There was also a HUGE array of fun things to d0, from party hat making to playing with FIMO. With so many tables showcasing different activities, I sadly couldn’t do them all- only managed a measly 3, sad to say- so I’m definitely coming back the next time they have this! Tickets were only £7 each (£5 if you book early)! To give you a comparative cost, the London Etsy party cost me £15 and you only do 1 craft activity. A weaving workshop- 1 of the 3 activities I tried on the night- usually costs upward of £25. So…..


Floral crown making- I think this was by far the most popular activity- I got wait listed 3 times before making it to the final batch where there weren’t many blossoms left- hence the humongous leaves, which are serving as excellent camouflage for my face!


Oh, and did I mention, they even prepared an incredible spread AND a lucky draw, which had incredible gifts such as Lush soaps?!


Look at that incredible spread! I’m soooo amazed by how much work the Brighton Etsy Team put in- actually, in retrospect, I feel like I should send them a thank you card!! If any of you read this- you guys ROCK! THANK YOU!!!


Portsmouth Etsy Craft Party

This event was very refreshing- for one, they didn’t sell tickets. The theme of the day was sustainability so we were all upcycling plastic bags into plastic pom poms and flowers and in lieu of a ticket, we were asked for a donation (amount up to us) to be donated to the Portsmouth & Southsea Consortium. It was my first time making a pom pom, believe it or not and, since then, I’ve put that skill to good use 🙂

The charming Ports Consort (Portsmouth Etsy team) with all the upcycled pom poms we’d made!



In terms of crowd and things to do, it definitely wasn’t as busy as the one at Brighton, but it was quite cosy – I think there were about 5 of us at the Craft Party, which was held at Seeded, a lovely haberdashery in Porthsmouth/Southsea. One of the dangers of attending a craft party held at a craft shop is you end up leaving with more than you bargained for: I ended up buying my first T shirt yarn which led me to create these necklaces.

Say aye if you want to see a tutorial!


In case you’re wondering why there are no photos, here’s where I go “Thank you Apple for deleting all the photos on my iPhone!”


London Local Etsy Craft Party

Sad to say, I had food poisoning on the day so couldn’t make it- but from the pictures, I certainly missed out!


Have you attended an Etsy Craft Party? Share some stories if you have! 🙂


Written by Zen

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