As a craft blogger and founder of Makers & Friends, lucky me spends a lot of time looking into & attending craft-y things in London & UK to review for Hapiness Wherever. Among the cool things I’ve tried are

  • carving a silver ring from wax at Drink Shop Do
  • knitting a clutch out of giant merino wool (workshop held at Makers & Friends)
  • casting a pendant from concrete
  • making a floral crown and many other fun activities 🙂


So when I was approached by Pedro, founder of Obby, to attend 1 of the classes listed on Obby, I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular, to be honest. Perhaps weaving a wall hanging, making a macrame plant hanging, mixing a skincare product- all cool & hip activities, but also ones that are readily available to try in several places around London.

However, after a few minutes surfing the Obby website, I was super surprised to find that, in addition to all those classes, they also had some amazing ones that I had never found before in London, despite my daily hours devoted to finding cool craft-y things to do 🙂 It was really difficult to decide on something but after much thought, I selected this amazing stone letter carving class in Angel (which I will be reviewing in a separate post over the weekend).


Some of the amazing things carved by the teacher- can’t wait! I’m already planning a 3D horse sculpture to hang my jewellery on 🙂

So that brings me to the 1st reason you should use Obby:

  1. Wide selection of incredible workshops, including some quite obscure ones!

They have everything from arts & crafts to booze- currently there are over 800 classes listed, with 100 being added every month. (I wish I could try them all! :P) Besides stone letter carving, here are some of the other workshops that caught my eye:



2. It’s very well organised

The class was held after I’d been away from UK for almost 2 months. Afraid that I would forget about it, having booked quite early,  I had the date scribbled all over my planner & house. But Obby 1-uped me by sending me a reminder 3 days before the event with all the relevant details:

  • date & time
  • venue
  • Booking code (in email)

I have booked workshops with quite a few craft places in UK but this is the ONLY one that has sent a reminder 🙂

This is what I ended up with! 6 hours of work + £115 = M for Maker Made  (Look at how grimy my fingers got!)

Not bad, I say 🙂


3. The website is super easy to use


I’ve booked events on other websites which were rather annoying- you had to keep toggling between pages to get the information you need. But Obby was so straightforward!


All classes are London based so they’re pretty convenient. But if you are lazy, like me, and want to only attend classes around your neighbourhood, you can search by postcode, as well as the usual time of class, budget etc


So what are you waiting for? Check it out and try some of their classes now! 🙂 I’m already booking a 2nd one- this time not sponsored! (that’s how you know a product is good – when the reviewing blogger is happy to pay for it!)


Note: I was given the opportunity to attend the class by Obby in exchange for a fair & honest review.


Written by Zen

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