If your Mom loves something with a special touch, why not give her something handmade or make her something yourself? Here are 12 amazing gifts under £40, comprising both creations by talented designer-makers in London as well as DIY tutorials that you can put a personal touch on. And don’t forget the card! Here’s an easy DIY tutorial for a handmade card


Pink & grey felt necklace (£9)

This is so affordable you can get your Mom 4 pieces and still be under the £40 budget! Best of all, it’s chic but light so won’t weigh on your Mom’s neck




Cork bag (£40)

Sustainable and fashionable? Definitely a must-buy! Great for your Mom to stow her phone & all when you take her out for a Mother’s Day treat!



Butter Bar Soapery Bath Salts (£12 or £4)

I originally wasn’t going to feature beauty products but when I saw this gorgeous bottle, I just couldn’t say no. Who can resist this gorgeous bottle of bath salts? I don’t know about you, but I know my Mom thinks I stress her out so a bottle of yummy salts for a relaxing, luxurious bath is definitely the answer 🙂


Butter Bar Soapery Rose Soap (£5)

These are too pretty to be excluded and my Mom’s favourite colour is (salmon) pink after all! (See Mom, I do pay attention when you talk :P)


BlastaHenriet Silk Wheat Heat & Cool Pack (£15)

And if that long bath didn’t relax Mom, how about this stylish heat pack?


Fun jewellery by SlinkyLinks (£20)

Will make any Mom’s outfit pop!


Golden leather cuff

Some Moms are shy about their (imaginary) turkey necks, so maybe a statement cuff would be more practical? Make this yourself in less than 20 minutes – you don’t need any tools except a Sharpie pen- and I’d probably leave off the Sharpie if you’re giving it to your Mom 🙂

Woven Form handwoven tablet case (£30)

Moms & technology may not go together but I know quite a few Moms who are crazy about their tablets & phones – especially once they discover video streaming sites! So why not get them something to protect their newfound toys? Charlotte weaves all the material by hand (when she’s not busy at work at Jaeger!) – don’t you think £30 is an absolute bargain when you think of all the time she’s put into this?!


Note: Charlotte participated in my very first Makers & Friends pop-up! I remember selling a couple of these cases actually 🙂



OhHelloShanCreative African Beetle print (£40)

Printed from an original hand pulled etching, a beetle wouldn’t be my first choice for Moms (the butterfly I was originally going for has since sold out!) but when I was working at Makers & Friends in Angel, my scarab beetle print (by Volpine) was actually one of my bestsellers! So if your Mom likes something with character, definitely give this beautiful beetle a go!


Shutter Jewellery Fern Drop earrings

I’m very mindful not to feature too many jewellery pieces but we’ve not had any earrings so we definitely need one 🙂 And this dainty pair is perfect!

DIY tutorial for star crystal earrings

And if your Mom likes earrings and bling, why not make her this gorgeous pair of star crystal danglies? Even if you’ve never made jewelry before, shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to finish! 🙂 They’re THAT easy 🙂 (Here’s where you can get supplies if you live in Brighton or London)

Mom doesn’t like stars? Get crystal hearts! Or skulls even!


Craft workshop

Or if you BOTH like crafting, book yourselves into a craft class together!

Written by Zen

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