So many DIYs on the web don’t actually work 🙁 I’ve always been slightly skeptical about paperclip DIYs but after my super popular eye shaped paperclips which actually worked (!), I couldn’t resist making & trying these Anthropologie gold heart paperclips 🙂 They’ve been so helpful holding my (many) receipts together. Too good not to share! 🙂 Even if you’ve never held a pair of pliers in your life, you’ll be able to master these!


What you need:

Gold coloured aluminium wire (2mm)



Note: it is very important to use the right wire if you want your paperclips to work! If you use thinner/ softer wires, your paperclip will be too flimsy to hold anything!


Step 1

Cut a 10 cm length of wire.

Bend the wire at the 1/4 length mark (so at about 2.5 cm) to make a loop using your fingers. Try not to use your pliers as you want to keep the wire smooth and round.



Step 2

Measure anoter 2.5 cm from the first bend, place your pliers at that point and bend the wire upwards- this makes the pointy end of the heart and you are using the pliers to make the sharp “v-shaped” end.


Step 3

Measure another 2.5 cm from the “v-shaped” bottom point of the heart and use your fingers to make another big loop downwards.


Optional: Now finish off by forming a loop at each end of the wire (hold the tip of the wire with the pliers and bend it back to the wire to make the loop) The original Anthropologie clips don’t have this but I like to leave my wires with round ends so they don’t poke me.

Alternatively, you could use sandpaper to smoothen the ends of the wire so they aren’t sharp and pointy.


Ta-dah! I made a ton to hold all my receipts!


Doesn’t it look like the real thing?




Had fun playing with wire? Try making a wire bead/ pendant , another statement ring or a knuckle ring. 🙂 And, most importantly, have fun!

Written by Zen

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