What have you made with T Shirt Yarn? (That is yarn made from the leftover fabric from the fashion industry- very sustainable!!) I’ve been on a T-Shirt Yarn DIY craze lately. I started off with this nice easy chic necklace which only used T Shirt Yarn (and thus is machine washable) (but still made a statement), moved on to this bohemian style tassel necklace and tomorrow, will share a tutorial on how to make a T shirt yarn only project that can be used as a dog toy/ bracelet/ necklace or even pillow! (Yes it’s THAT versatile so you better come back tomorrow! 🙂 )


What you need

  1. Black T Shirt yarn- I used some I bought from Bobbiny, which I find to generally be of very good quality
  2. 3 large bail beads
  3. 3 kumihimo bead caps (large)
  4. 3 jump rings (not shown in photo)
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors


Step 1

Cut off 3 lengths of the yarn, each about 1.7 m long.

Line them up so they start at the same point, fold into two and tie a knot around the middle.


Step 2

Slide one bail on, push it against the knot then tie another knot at the other end of the bail.

Repeat with the remaining 2 bails – once all done, the necklace should start & end with a knot.


Step 3: tassel

I read on Pinterest today that tassels are still very in vogue this 2017, which is good for me because I have a TON of tassel projects to share! 🙂
Cut off  3 lengths of yarn, each about 50 cm long. Line up the yarn so they all start together then fold them into 2 equal lengths. You may find that the ends are a bit ragged, as shown below. Don’t worry this can be trimmed later.
Repeat 2 x (for the other 2 tassels).


Add glue liberally inside the kumihimo bead cap then push the folded edge of the yarns into the cap. Repeat to make the other 2 tassels.


Leave to dry. Once dry, trim the ends so the tassels are all of the same length.


Use your pliers to open 1 jump ring to connect 1 tassel to 1 bail bead.

Repeat with the other 2 jump rings & tassels.


How do you like your new necklace? If you’re a fan of boho, check out this necklace which needs no pliers/ tools and these silver earrings.

Written by Zen



II love this t-shirt yarn necklace – very trendy, easy to make and inexpensive. thank you


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