We’re often inspired by Pinterest, but how often have you DIY-ed after being on Twitter? Well, I created this after seeing a Tweet about how Brittni from Paper & Stitch hadΒ given her Anthropologie desk trinket an update. I’ve been on a bit of a wire DIY craze lately – from planet wire beads to statement rings, knuckle rings, eye paperclips, mice paperclips, and another Anthro inspired heart paperclip– and this photo holder totally called for a wire hack!Β I’d been meaning to do a cactus DIY and this seemed like a great opportunity! πŸ™‚


Why do many wire tutorials you ask? They’re fun, they’re easy and so much variety means you guys don’t waste any wire you buy! Β πŸ™‚


What you need

Air dry clay (I used DAS, and bought it off Amazon)- Brittni used concrete but I’m paranoid about how the particles can cause respiratory problems (I work indoors) so I went with air dry clay instead πŸ™‚




Step 1

Draw a cactus on a piece of paper- make it the size you want your stand to be. Use this for the template to create your wire cactus. Don’t forget you need to have TWO cactuses to hold stuff so once you’ve finished your first cactus, bend the wire back up in the same direction and make a 2nd identical cactus, using the 1st as a guide.


If you’re confident, skip the paper guide and do this free hand! Just remember that when you want a sharp corner, use your pliers, and when you want a smoother curve, use your fingers to bend/ push the wire


Step 2

Cut out a rectangular block from the air drying clay. If you don’t have clay tools, you can use regular stuff around the house- I used my ruler for this actually. Obviously the size of the block would be in proportion to how big your cactus is. For benchmarking, mine was 3 cm by 6 cm by 4 cm.


Step 3

Stick the wire finger into the clay and leave the clay to dry. This would take about 24 hours and there’ll be a bit of a smell during the drying process, but it’s nothing too bad. Once the clay is dry, see if the wire is securely in the clay. (If not, dip the wire in glue and stick it back into the clay block)


Easy peasy, no?

I was so inspired after this piece, I now have a lips photo holder, a lightbulb holder and a flamingo holder… The only thing that stopped me was running out of wire πŸ˜›


Optional: Flowers from Tesco for Β£1 πŸ˜›


Written by Zen



Thank you! If you make one, I’d love to see it πŸ™‚ PS I was inspired by 2 of your DIYs actually and will be sharing what I made after seeing them next week πŸ™‚

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