What’s the last book you read? I read WAYY too much- but mostly fiction, unfortunately. For example, I just finished 3 of Rae Carson’s books (A girl of Fire & Thorns trilogy- young adult fantasy) in the last 1.5 days. My English teacher once said if I read as many “good” books as I do fiction, I’d be someone to be reckoned with. Sadly, my reading habits haven’t changed much over the years but my way of marking the pages have!

I used to memorise the page numbers but these days, I prefer to use bookmarks. So here’s a little DIY tutorial for a beautiful bookmark that I’d like to share with you 🙂

What you need:

  1. Curtain tassel – readily available at a haberdashery
  2. Glue – use something not too liquid so it doesn’t soak through the card
  3. Old card
  4. Scissots


Step 1

Open the card and liberally apply glue to the card on both sides of the fold. Place the tassel mid way from the fold-line to the end of the glue-d region.

Step 2

Close the card and press down firmly, leave under something heavy to make sure it sticks. When dry, cut off the excess card (i.e. the non glued bits) and you get your beautiful bookmark!

Impress everyone with how you’re not only intellectual, you also have beautiful style! 🙂 Great gift to give to bibliophile friends just to say I’m thinking of you!

Written by Zen



Thanks Angela, I see you blog about craft too- will stop by and take a look, love meeting other craft bloggers 🙂

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