Lately, I’ve revising my DIYs to use only materials which are more widely available. And one of the most generic craft supplies is wire! So get ready for many wire craft projects, starting with this super easy yet super chic ring!


What you need

Gold coloured aluminium wire



Simple, right? 🙂


Step 1

Cut off about a 0.3m length of wire. Make a loop at the end of the wire: use the pliers to hold the end of the wire and fold it back to the length of the wire.

Do this for the other end of the wire too.


Step 2

You can either use a ring mandel or if you are cheap, like me, use your finger as a reference. Wind the wire around your finger/ ring mandel till you reach the end.


Now wasn’t that easy??

You may be worried that this ring was so easy, it wouldn’t hold its shape. But if you use the right kind of wire- 2mm aluminium wire- it will! Mine are still going strong after weeks of heavy duty use 🙂


Layer them on to make a loooong double ring!


Had fun playing with wire? Try making a wire bead/ pendant , another statement ring or as an eye shaped paperclip 🙂

Written by Zen

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