Last week, I was inspired by runway motifs to make a gold eye paperclip. I usually just make what I feel like making instead of trying to follow fashion but I guess it pays off to be on-trend because that DIY has been pretty popular and picked up by a few other DIY bloggers in their weekly round-ups (THANK YOU!!!)


I still had some gold wire left over- and tons of receipts to organise- so I thought I’d make more paperclips, but a Mini Mouse one this time 🙂

What you need

  • Gold wire (aluminium, 2 mm- don’t get it thinner, or it may not hold paper! This 2mm one is tried & tested by yours truly 🙂 )
  • Pliers
  • Lovely postcard by Susse Collections- optional


Step 1

As with all my wire DIYs, make a loop at the end of the wire. (Hold the tip of the wire with the pliers and bend the tip back to the wire to form a loop) Make a couple of rounds around the loop as this will be the tail of your mini mouse.


Step 2

Leave a distance about 1.5 times the diameter of the circle you formed in Step 1 then use your hands to bend the wire back (this forms the U shape you see below). Don’t use your pliers for this as you want a nice round loop to form the bum of the mouse- pliers will give you a shape edge which you don’t want!


Then hold your wire with the pliers above the centre of the circle and bend the wire up at a 90 degrees angles – we’re making the ears now!


Step 3

Hold the wire with your pliers as shown below (right after the 90 degrees angle) and push the wire down (towards the tail) with your hands- do this close to where your pliers rest as you want to form a tiny ear. 



Step 4

Now move your pliers (shown below) and bend the wire to form another 90 degrees angle (we’re ending the ear here)- the wire should now stick out in the same direction as the tail.


Step 5

Hold your wire with the pliers at a distance of about 0.5 cm from the end of the tail, then bend the wire back toward’s the mouse’s bum- this gives us a nice little nose!


Step 6

End off by forming a series of concentric circles like we did with the tail in Step 1 (this is the bit that helps to hold the paper in place). If you have too much wire, give it a little trim.


Done! Next up, I have a fat cat paperclip tutorial planned 🙂 Had fun? Try my other wire DIYs such as this statement ring tutorial, this planet bead/ pendant wire project or this super, super, super, SUPER easy knuckle ring DIY.


Written by Zen

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