I’ve heard simplest projects are the best, so today I’m sharing a project I first made as a teenager. It’s so easy, I wasn’t sure there’d be an audience on my blog! But since I sold out of this necklace at Angel last year, it seems it is a fairly popular design 🙂 So why not make your own? 🙂

What you need:

  1. Copper wire
  2. Pliers
  3. Monstrera leaf- optional

Step 1

Use the pliers to fold the tip of the wire towards the length of the wire ( as shown below, this forms a loop). Wind the wire around several times the loop to make a small ball.

Step 2

Once you’ve made a strong base in Step 1, continue winding the wire around in the centre knot, but make sure you wind it in all directions so you get a 3D ball and not flat concentric circles.

Step 3

Every now and then, insert the wire back into one of the holes you formed previously- this helps to secure the ball together. Continue winding till the pendant is the correct size.

Step 4

To finish off, snip off the excess wire. Use the pliers to make a loop around one of wires in the pendant to close it securely.

Note: if you want it on a chain, slip the chain on to the wire before closing it. If you are using cord, you can just tie the cord on after the wire pendant has been finished.

So easy, I made 3 in 5 minutes! Don’t they look a little like the planets in our solar system?

Written by Zen

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