I’ve always been a big fan of studs and spikes, but more so now that i’ve gone pink (hair-wise). And somehow the pink hair makes me feel like I need to wear lots of rings – which I used to eschew because of my man-hands (sigh). Just last week, I posted a super easy tutorial for a silver charm ring, and here’s another nice and simple 1 step tutorial to make a spiky ring 🙂 No tools needed!


What you need:

  1. Glue- use something that is more viscous so that it doesn’t drip. Normally I wouldn’t use 401 but mine has almost totally hardened so it’s no longer drippy.
  2. A ring base with a hoop at the top
  3. A spike

Step 1

Add a little bit of glue around the inside of the hoop at the top of the ring.

Step 2

Slide the spike gently into the hoop. I say gently because if you’ve put too much glue, it may drip over your fingers  (you may wanna use gloves here)


Ta- dah!


Leave it in a ring box to dry, then enjoy! Maybe pair them with these Tom Binns inspired safety pin earrings to complete the look?

Written by Zen

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