I’m going to share a secret. When I was selling my jewelry in Angel Islington through my pop-up Makers & Friends, rings were my bestseller, in particular this design that I’m going to share with you today. It was so popular, I sold over 20 pieces (basically I sold out!) and 1 girl even came back for it! She left the one she bought in a toilet somewhere and really wanted another one. Unfortunately, that was my last piece and I didn’t have any more materials to make them again! (or time- you try running a retail shop- it is TIRING)


Best of all, this ring only needs wire! One problem with fashion DIY tutorials (or any craft project really) is that you love the design but don’t have the beads and don’t know where to go for them. Which is why I blog about where to get craft supplies (e.g. craft shops in Brighton and London). But I also try to keep my jewelry making projects as simple as possible, and what can be simpler than a ring which ONLY uses wire?


So what you need is:

  1. Thick wire
  2. Thin wire- thin enough to bend easily
  3. Pliers/ wire cutter

Choice of colour is up to you, but I’ve been making a lot of silver rings recently so here I am, going for gold.


Step 1:

Measure the circumference of 1 of your fingers (the one you usually wear rings on)- you can use a measuring tape, thread or use the wire directly as I have below. Make a note of the length


Step 2

Now you want to form a rectangle using the thicker wire. The length (longer side) is going to be about 0.5cm shorter than the circumference you measured in Step 1 – if not, the ring will be too loose.
The width would be the thickness of the ring. I went for 1.5 cm but it’s entirely up to you. The thicker it is, the more of a statement piece it will be but bear in mind that if the ring goes past your knuckle, you won’t be able to bend your finger.


Position the ends of the wire in the middle of the length of the rectangle, as shown below, so that it doesn’t scratch you.

Step 3

Now wind the end of the thinner wire onto 1 corner of the ring a few times.


Step 4

Once  you’ve done a few wraps, bring the wire down to the other corner, wind it around that side of the wire then bring it back up again. If this sounds confusing, just refer to my diagram below. (Shoddy wrapping there- I need to flatten that sticking out bit of wire or it’ll scratch later)


Step 5

Now just keep repeating this till the wire starts building up. Every now and then you want to push the wires back to the width so that there isn’t too much gap in between the thin wires. Eventually, you’ll reach the other end, where you just finish off as we started in Step 3.

It’s pretty therapeutic, almost like wire weaving! Make a couple while you’re watching the telly or something!



Ta dah! You now know how to make my best selling ring! Try it in matt black for an edgy cool finish!

Written by Zen