Eyes are big in 2017. From the eye shaped necklace by Hermes to A Beautiful Mess’ eye shirt DIY, the eye motif is everywhere to be seen. So of course, I need to do a DIY for it! I normally do fashion/ jewellery DIYs, but today I thought I’d mix things up by doing a paperclip DIY to pretty up my workspace 🙂


What you need:

  • Gold Wire
  • Pliers


  1. Make the iris of the eye


Use your pliers to hold the tip of the wire and bend it back to itself, making a little circle at the end of the wire.  Make sure the wire is tucked in well and not sticking out.


Wind the wire around that loop once, then make a bigger circle around it, like the alphabet “o”.



2. Make the “almond” part of the eye
Hold your pliers about 1-2 cm from the top of the “o” (the bigger you want the eye, the further you hold it away from the top of the “o”) and sharply bend the wire back in the same direction- this forms the corner of the eye.

Repeat with the other side,


3. Eyelashes- is longer better?!

Once you’ve made both corners of the eye, you now have an eyelash-less eye.


To make the eyelashes, bend the wire up at the tip of the eyes (so its about 90 degrees from the horizontal of the eye, as shown below)- you may want to use your pliers to get a sharp corner.



At about 0.5cm from the lash line, bend the wire back towards the eye- first eye lash formed! Bend the wire along the lash line and about 0.5 cm on, form your second eyelash.



Repeat till you’ve lashed out the entire eye.


At the end, curl the end of the wire back to form a circle again- this prevents the wire from poking you later.


Now make as many as you want! They’re a fun way to cheer up your workspace 🙂 (That’s 2 eyelashes in the book below btw- hence the loooong lash line)



If you enjoyed this and want to see what else you can make with wire, why not check out this wire-only statement ring tutorial?

Written by Zen

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